Donald Trump Jr. Crushes ‘Virtue Signaling’ Twitter Flags

Rochus Hess, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons Rochus Hess, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump Jr., in a single message, eviscerated both the serious corruption in Ukraine’s government and the legion of people “virtue signaling” with empty support for the embattled nation, namely Ukrainian flags on their Twitter pages. The message was sent in response to a tweet by Breaking911 that announced: “BREAKING: Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy says his country needs $7 billion per month to account for ‘economic losses’ – AFP.”

Trump Jr. delivered a scathing observation about the vast sea of drones who couldn’t find Ukraine on a map just two months ago, but have now become armchair generals, incessantly retweeting CIA agents, Bill Kristol’s clan of outcasts and Raytheon-invested politicians. 

But what have they actually done for Hunter Biden’s favorite vassal state?

The question he posed was simple: why don’t all of Ukraine’s faithful supporters just donate the money being requested by entitled Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy? 


The U.S. government has already given billions more to Ukraine than it spends on our own veterans here at home; we’ve levied self-defeating sanctions that are actively worsening an already calamitous economic situation, untenable for many families struggling to make it to their next paycheck; and we’ve risked the apocalyptic escalation that a strike on NATO members would demand by trafficking advanced weaponry into the warzone through NATO member countries, like Poland — moving NATO weapons into Ukraine is one of the reasons listed by Russia for the invasion

Look at all these potential warriors:

So, why not have the Twitter army support the cause. They need money; the left is fantastic at raising money. They’re even allowed to use the inferior fundraising tool, GoFundMe. But if there’s no money to spare, they need volunteers. No need to fight; they need cooks, medics and grunts to do manual labor. Opportunities to “resist” and “stand for something” abound for those who truly want to help.

The fact is that the obese pundits and purple-haired Twitter warriors wouldn’t be on a social media platform posting about how much they care about Ukraine if they actually cared about Ukraine. It’s much easier to ask other people to donate than to actually get a job and donate yourself, just like it’s easier to say “we support Ukraine” than to go to the battle and actually support them.



But as Trump Jr. rightly points out, as is the case with modern disposable causes, the people seeking approval by clinging to them don’t actually care about anything but themselves. They want to be seen a certain way by people, so they act a certain way in public. 

Hey, if you stand with Ukraine, be sure to shill this guy’s art:

You can be anything online. Cowards can pretend to be brave; repulsive people can pretend to be popular; and the Sunday morning after the latest UFC event, a crowd of pretenders will tell you what they would have done and what the expert martial artists should have done. 

Living vicariously through others abounds in the online universe. And in this case, a lot of very weak people are puffing their chests out like they’re ready for battle. But that’s only because they expect to watch the war play out on livestreams and on TV; they don’t really want to fight for Ukraine — they don’t actually stand for anything worth fighting for.


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