Donald Trump Will Accept the 2020 Republican Nomination in North Carolina

President Donald Trump confirmed that he does plan on giving a traditional political convention speech in the state of North Carolina to accept the Republican nomination, even after coronavirus concerns forced the Republican Party to all but cancel party convention plans in Charlotte and Jacksonville, Florida.

The President confirmed the speech is slated for the state, but it’s unclear if he’ll give it in Charlotte.

All I know is I’ll be in North  Carolina,” Trump told WRAL on Monday. ”I am really honored to do it in North Carolina.

The President clarified that he plans to announce where exactly he’ll make his nomination acceptance speech by the end of the week or at the beginning of next week. He also spoke of his confidence in winning the Republican-leaning state in the general election, speaking at a tour of a plant working on research for a coronavirus vaccine.

Both major party conventions appear slated for a socially distanced and largely digital party format. Rumors suggest that Joe Biden, the tentative Democratic nominee, will be the only individual to give an in-person convention speech at the Democratic convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The impending convention speech could be a pivotal moment for President Donald Trump to make his case for a second term to the American people. After trailing in some national polls, a new round of polling shows the President cutting into Joe Biden’s lead.


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