Elise Stefanik Quickly Disavows Laura Loomer’s Congressional Campaign to Appease the Fake News

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) has claimed that she wants to put more Republican women into the U.S. House, and she recently appeared in a photograph with congressional candidate Laura Loomer at a Florida GOP fundraiser that drew negative attention from the fake news media.

Shamefully, Stefanik backed away from Loomer as soon as the controversy struck. Her spokesman made it clear that Stefanik is not endorsing Loomer for Congress.

Loomer’s fundraising prowess has made her a legitimate contender for Florida’s 21st U.S. House seat, despite being de-platformed by Big Tech:

Loomer is raking in money that makes her a legitimate Congressional contender in next year’s election.

Her campaign made the announcement on Tuesday that she had raised over $154,000 in only 60 days of fundraising. She received third quarter donations from 2,314 individuals throughout the country, demonstrating her broad and diverse donor base, with the average donation being $66.

The press release issued by Loomer’s campaign noted that socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has only raised $59,000 in her first two quarters while serving as a Congresswoman. Loomer’s potential opponent in next year’s general election, Democratic incumbent Lois Frankel, raised $107,000 despite being a political veteran.

“Laura is proving that she is a serious candidate and committed to flipping this seat and building the resources necessary to expose just how out of touch with the district Lois Frankel has become. I believe this will be one of the most watched congressional races for 2020 and will be a bellwether for regaining the House,” said Karen Giorno, who served as the Trump presidential campaign’s 2016 Florida state director and now works as chief strategist for the Loomer campaign.

Stefanik has pledged to help women be elected to Congress in the Republican Party, and has even started Elevate PAC in order to accomplish her goal.

“I can’t tell you how many times I am the only woman at a table,” Stefanik told TIME. “I want more to have a seat at the table.”

“I think the Democrats were strategic in putting up district-specific candidates that would resonate in different parts of the country, whether it’s urban areas, whether it’s people that have interesting narratives with a national-security background or interesting perspectives as working mothers,” she added. “We need to recognize we should be doing that as well.”

However, it does not look like her PAC will be helping out Loomer because she is too conservative and outspoken. Stefanik is a moderate who pushes carbon taxes and mass immigration, and she received extensive support from Mitt Romney and Karl Rove to win her House seat.

With Loomer’s initial fundraising numbers being so strong, it does not look like she will need Stefanik’s support to be a formidable Congressional candidate.

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