Elon Musk Makes A HUGE Donation To A Republican Super PAC

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur most known for founding the electric car company Tesla, has donated $30,000 to a Republican Super PAC. According to a Federal Election Commission filing released this week, Musk has donated $38,900 to Protect The House, whose goal is to maintain a Republican majority in the House.

While this isn’t Musk’s first political contribution, it appears to be his largest yet. Musk has been actively contributing to political campaigns since 2003, when he first donated to former President George W. Bush.

Over the years, his political donation history has been erratic, with donations to both Republicans and  Democrats, so this one donation isn’t an indication that he himself is a Republican. But it is likely that Musk enjoys keeping people confused on his actual political beliefs. In a recent Twitter exchange he both bashed socialism, while claiming that he himself is a socialist, possibly as a joke.

Even if he is indeed a socialist, he has provided proof that free markets have the capacity to solve problems in the world. His company, SpaceX has changed the way that people look at space, and has done it much cheaper than any government could.

Musk has also pledged to use his estimated $20 billion to fix the water problems in Flint, Michigan.

So there’s no telling if Musk himself is actually a Republican, but he truly is a testament to the principles promoted within the party.

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