Epstein Madame Ghislane Maxwell Plays Diversity Card In Hopes of Beating Sex Trafficking Charges

Infamous Jeffrey Epstein “madame” Ghislane Maxwell is seeking the dismissal of federal sex trafficking charges against her for her role in Epstein’s empire, and she’s using an argument that’s seemingly a PR campaign for luxury lifestyle liberals.

Maxwell’s lawyers argued Monday that the pool of jurors who approved federal charges against her through grand jury proceedings weren’t diverse enough.

The fact that Ms Maxwell herself is neither Black nor Hispanic does not deprive of her of standing to raise this challenge,” Maxwell’s lawyers write in a filing seeking the dismissal of charges.

The lawyers claim that the use of jurors from White Plains, New York, amounts to “systematic underrepresentation of Black and Hispanic persons.” White Plains is a suburb of New York City near Yonkers, and its demographics are more heavily White.

The lawyers argue that Maxwell has the right to “object to a [pool] that is not designed to represent a fair cross section of the community, whether or not the systematically excluded groups are groups to which [she herself] belongs.

The accused sex trafficker’s support for diversity requirements for a jury that indicted her could catapult her once more to celebrity status among vapid liberals, bravely facing down the menace of twelve randomly selected White Plains jurors(no pun intended) who dared to press charges without consulting with the appropriate diversity consultants.

The 59-year old Maxwell has been jailed at a federal lockup in Brooklyn as she awaits trial. She’s been denied bail, with a federal judge finding that the wealthy heiress and British citizen would pose a flight risk if released before her trial.

Three witnesses stepped forward last year to reveal their accounts of President Bill Clinton traveling to Epstein’s infamous “pedophile island” of Little St. James.

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