Establishment Senator in Texas Guts Pro-Gun Bill

Lone Star Gun Rights reports that an establishment Republican in the Texas Senate is gutting a pro-gun bill.

Earlier in May, the Texas House passed HB 1177, a bill that allows the carry of a handgun without a license during a disaster declaration.

In an email to its members, LSGR Senior Editor Derek Wills chimed in on this bill:

It was crumbs of freedom being returned to us, but certain Senators felt that those crumbs were too much.

Read the email here.

Senator Joan Huffman, whose Senate District overlaps with Constitutional Cary-killer Dennis Bonnen’s district, amended the bill to just allow for 48 hours of carry without a license. According to Wills, Huffman “decided that 168 hours was too long for someone evacuating a disaster area to carry without the State-issued permission slip.”

Wills reveals that it is too late to have Huffman’s amendment reversed. If passed, Wills contends that this bill “will still be a tiny crumb returned to us, but take that for what it is.”

2019 has been a disappointing year for Second Amendment supporters in Texas. With House Speaker Dennis Bonnen killing Constitutional Carry, 2021 will be the earliest that this law could be passed.


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