Ex-Staffer of Resigned Congresswoman Katie Hill Rebukes Her on Her Own House Twitter Account

A purported former staffer of former Congresswoman Katie Hill rebuked her old boss on Tuesday, castigating Hill for the workplace sex scandal that led to her resignation on the day that a television network announced a movie adaption of Hill’s biography.


Katie took advantage of her subordinates. She caused immense harm to the people who worked for her, many of whom were young women just beginning their careers in politics.

The anonymous former staffer, who had access to Hill’s old governmental Twitter account, rebuked her former employer for unethical workplace conduct. Hill had been forced to resign for involving a subordinate in a “throuple” relationship with her then-boyfriend while married.

The staffer clarified that Hill had never been investigated by the House Ethics Committee- or anyone, for that matter- for her sexual involvement with a subordinate staffer. It’s immoral and potentially exploitative to involve any subordinate employee in a sexual relationship with yourself as a member of Congress, or as any person in a position of authority, for the matter. Men in Congress such as former Republican Congressman Trent Franks have been compelled to resign for a lot less, and they haven’t had feminist movies made about them by liberal media companies.

As usual, Hill denied an opportunity to explain her actions when addressing the tweet thread on her own personal Twitter account, instead claiming that the account had been hacked.

The corporate media has largely reinvented Hill as a victim in the situation, largely ignoring her own poor and unethical conduct towards her employees as a member of Congress. It’s rich to see Hill act as a martyr or victim of sorts, claiming that she was drummed out of the House of Representatives as some sort of sexist plot.

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