EXCLUSIVE: An Intro To Republicans For National Renewal

At the beginning of the year, Big League Politics had the pleasure of getting to know the people who run the Republicans For National Renewal (RNR) organization a little bit better during a sit-down interview with Executive Director Mark Ivanyo. The group describes itself as a “grassroots” organization that seeks to pull the “Republican Party away from the establishment and towards America First” style populism.

“We want to push the Make America Great Again agenda,” RNR Executive Director Mark Ivanyo told us during the phone interview. The Executive Director further elaborated on some of the details of what this meant, at one point saying that in order to truly change America for the better conservatives must “copy the progressive model and take back the institutions so they can once again represent the people in the communities.”

Republicans For National Renewal Executive Director Mark Ivanyo

Ivanyo described some of the central policies that both himself and many others in the more populist ‘America First’ movement tend to support. These included a moratorium on legal immigration at least for the time being, fighting against woke capitalism, especially in the case of big tech, and perhaps most importantly, putting the American worker first and foremost economically — especially when it comes to making international trade agreements.

RNR boasts quite the resume – the organization has hosted events with some prominent characters both domestically and internationally since their recent inception. It was just a couple of months ago when they held their “It’s A Wonderful Nation” event which featured guests including Arizona senate candidate Blake Masters, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, Arizona state senate member Wendy Rogers, Arizona congressman Paul Gosar, and many more. The event, which was a huge success, was covered by BLP. More on that can be found in our previous report here.

RNR Executive Director Mark Ivanyo pictured presenting an award to Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar.

As far as people around the world go, RNR recently held an event with Brazillian national Eduardo Bolsanaro, son of the country’s current president Jair Bolsanaro. President Bolsanaro has made waves both in Brazil and around the world for his refusal to go along with much of the pro-draconian Covid-19 related policy narrative. RNR has also held a panel with Estonian politician and deputy chairman of the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia Jaak Madison, who famously nominated Former President Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ivanyo assured us that the events already seen out of RNR are only the beginning of what the organization hopes to achieve. He also stressed that the biggest mission RNR yearns to fulfill is actually quite simple – to change what it truly means to be a member of the Republican Party. “Not only is it okay [to put America First], you SHOULD be America first,” Ivanyo insisted. 

The RNR Director passionately concluded with a message that expressed hope for the future and gratitude towards those who have supported the vision thus far.

“There is a big void in the Republican Party for national populism and the people 100% support it,” Ivanyo told us towards the end of the interview. “I think the establishment is detached from the people in that sense and they don’t realize it.”

“We are only in existence because people support us. We are a group of people who came together, believe in the organization, the values, and we came together.”

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