EXCLUSIVE: Michigan-Based Ammo Producer Who Banned Mask-Wearing ‘Thugs’ From Store and Called Gretchen Whitmer a ‘B*tch’ Speaks Out

A Michigan-based ammunition store, Fenix Ammunition, has gone viral after posting a notice on their door banning mask-wearing “thugs” from entering their premises.

Although they are just going viral now, Fenix Ammo has been against the lockdown from the get-go, even calling Governor Gretchen Whitmer a “b*tch” for unlawfully imposing Draconian restrictions on Michigan business owners at one point.

“We’ll never comply, and we’ll refuse to pay any penalty your illegal order attempts to impose,” the shop wrote in a Tweet back on July 10.

Fenix Ammo has also raised the alarm about ANTIFA domestic terrorists and encouraged patriotic Americans to carry weapons to neutralize these violent threats if necessary:

Fenix Ammo is already getting demonized because of their bold stance against tyranny. The Detroit-based Metro Times, a bankrupt far-left rag that works with Facebook to enforce Big Brother censorship, is claiming that Fenix Ammo’s stand is merely a hollow publicity stunt.

Store owner Justin Nazaroff gave an exclusive statement to Big League Politics in order to set the record straight about what Fenix Ammo is intending to accomplish through their stand against face mask hysteria.

Nazaroff explained exactly why Fenix Ammo is pushing back against Whitmer and her intolerable acts:

Gretchen Whitmer has little understanding of how her executive orders have impacted small business across Michigan.  Like most leftist politicians she grew up with an upper middle class background where she has never had to issue payroll, make decisions that might impact another person’s livelihood, or try to plan for success beyond the “here and now”.

As a result, she made arbitrary and uneducated decisions regarding which businesses could stay open and which businesses had to close, without any regard to the financial destruction that would take place to the people who own and work in those businesses.  When her initial executive order came down in March, we made the decision that we would not be closing no matter what the order said.  Thankfully we were in a category that seemed to be exempted, and in some ways, I feel guilty for that.  There are tens of thousands of people here in our state who had no choice but to comply, or else face down the barrel of government guns.

Let’s make no mistake – that is what we’re talking about here.  If you owned a barbershop, or a fitness studio, or a movie theater, you were forced to accept financial ruin on behalf of a single person – Gretchen Whitmer – or else government police officers would show up and potentially take you to jail, backed up by legally authorized force that would and could be escalated all the way to deadly force.

Think about how insane that is.

I either risk losing my life savings and everything I’ve worked hard to achieve for years, or, I risk being put into jail by Whitmer’s gang of thugs. The government has a monopoly on violence and use of force, and they’ve shown that they’ll willing to use it.  The legal system is stacked in their favor and there are rarely if ever consequences for terrible decision making, especially not to those who put police officers in the position to enforce blatantly unconstitutional laws – namely, politicians like Gretchen Whitmer.

What’s more – Gretchen KNOWS THIS.  That’s why she put enforcement on the shoulders of business owners in her later executive orders.  By threatening to fine businesses if they do not enforce her mask mandate, she put business owners in a position where they must confront potential customers, pitting business owners against customers.  She knew police departments would be reluctant to enforce her policy, and thus, she ‘backdoored’ enforcement by pointing the barrel of her gun at small business owners.  She has put much more thought into designing a system of compliance and punishment than she has put into properly combating the virus – as evidenced by her idiotic (and possibly criminal) policies regarding nursing homes.

This is unacceptable, and unconscionable, and it cannot be allowed to happen again in the future by ANY politician.

We must start thinking seriously about how much power we have conceded to elected (and more importantly, unelected) officials in this country.

As more data has come out, it has become apparent that masks have had little effect on the transmission of Coronavirus.  Most of the masks being produced today include disclaimers right on the package that they offer NO PROTECTION to the transmission of virus sized particles.  Even if they did, almost nobody wears the masks correctly.  People are constantly using their hands to push their mask back up over their nose.  What happens when that person touches a countertop, or a doorknob?  Is Whitmer stupid enough to believe that people are sanitizing their hands every time they touch their mask?  Does she think people are cleaning the reusable masks on a regular basis?

In fact, MIOSHA (the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has extremely specific guidelines regarding the use of respirators in an industrial setting.  Employees requires to wear respirators must be fitted for the device.  There are guidelines for how the masks are stored, cleaned, inspected, and used.  Why?  Because the masks ARE NOT EFFECTIVE IF THEY ARE NOT PROPERLY USED.  MIOSHA knows this.  Why don’t our politicians know this?  Why didn’t they think about that before requires all employees of nearly all businesses to wear masks?

This is security theater far beyond anything that the TSA could ever dream about.

The way that I see it, mass civil disobedience is the only way to correct this problem.  I remember when nobody was wearing masks.  Then, slowly, you would see 10% of people wearing them.  Then it was 20%, and then 40%, and so on and so forth until there was nearly 100% compliance.

We can go back to our lives in the same manner.  Start by leaving your mask in the car when you are heading into the gas station for a few minutes, or when you are heading into a store that you know has lax or non-existent enforcement.  Then, try going an entire day without a mask.  Be nice and polite – when a store employee asks if you have a mask, simply say “no, I don’t, but thank you for asking” and go about your business.  Do not make a scene.  Do not get into political arguments.  YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE THEIR MINDS, and it is not worth putting yourself in a position to become an internet meme.  Be confident and firm.  If they call the police, then so be it – you will likely be gone before they arrive.  Very few police departments are enforcing these laws and they are slow to respond to mask and social distancing calls for a reason.

Unfortunately, this pandemic has provided a lot of test data and feedback to our politicians regarding the amount of compliance they can obtain from the general public.  We are not suggesting this was planned, of course, but it is unavoidable.  They have seen how easily and quickly they can get people to accept arbitrary decisions with little data to support it.

Of course, we in the Second Amendment community have feared this for decades, and many in our world have long trumpeted the claim that they “will not comply” with a theoretical ban on so-called “assault weapons”, high capacity magazines, and other firearms.

The question is – would they?

Would they really make the decision not to comply?

Most of them have been mighty compliant so far.

It’s time to start making noise.

Fenix Ammo is demonstrating the blueprint for resisting COVID-19 overreach and other tyrannical acts. Once the consent of the people is removed, a tyrant can no longer wield illicit power. Civil disobedience is necessary to restore Constitutional rule.

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