EXCLUSIVE: Vegas Mystery Man Brian Hodge Met with Suspected Terrorist Day After Massacre

Brian Hodge stands outside the Mandalay Bay next to crime scene tape after Las Vegas Massacre

The Australian man of of mystery who was present at the Mandalay Bay during the Las Vegas Massacre met with a shady Turkish national in Albuquerque just two days after the tragedy.

As part of this series exposing never-before-revealed information about the Vegas shooting, Big League Politics reported:

“Big League Politics has exclusively obtained an in-depth intelligence community-produced report which fuses open-source information, tactical counter-terrorism analysis, cyber-intelligence, and digital data mining into a comprehensive dossier comprised of a detailed profile on Brian A. Hodge’s and his whereabouts during the massacre.

The digital signatures captured, tactical tradecraft, and media analysis strongly suggest that Hodge should reasonably be suspected as a person of interest in the Vegas massacre, and deserves more scrutiny.

Hodge, a marketer and left-wing activist from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, was born February 16, 1981, and works as a Marketing Director for George P. Johnson Experience Marketing in Los Angeles. Hodge’s Australian background and support for left-wing causes are well documented on his now-locked Facebook page.While Hodge does not outwardly espouse violence, his profile is befitting of an ANTIFA affiliate.”

BLP Passage Ends. 

Hodge is a prolific sharer on social media, particularly on Facebook. He willingly posted photos and status updates with his location daily. But soon after the shooting on October 2, he made a very quiet trip to Albuquerque, NM and locked down his Facebook completely.

The experts who provided the intelligence report to Big League Politics, former government intelligence operatives, were able to track Hodge to the Anatolia Doner Kebab House located at 313 Central Avenue North West, Suite B, in Albuquerque. He arrived in the city by an unknown means of travel.

The kebab shop where Hodge was geo-located is owned by Mr. Mehmet Kokangul, a Turkish national from the city of Adana, which is a known Islamic State terrorist hotbed. Just two weeks ago, 9 ISIS terrorists were arrested there. A former FBI counterterrorism analyst with knowledge of the private investigation into Hodge confirmed that Kokangul is on State Department terror watch list. 

Kokangul may have taken steps to cover his tracks on social media. The day of his meeting with Hodge, he posted a photograph of a midday motorcycle ride, an odd activity for the busy owner of two restaurants:

Further analysis of the photo revealed that it was not taken on October 3. It is older, but was posted on that day.

Hodge returned to Las Vegas on October 4, and then subsequently back to his home in Los Angeles on October 5.

Hodge’s meeting with a potential terror-linked Turkish national has great significance. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack four times, which is unprecedented. They claimed the attach in their official agency Amaq, too. Though ISIS has claimed responsibility for attacks that they have not committed, they have never claimed an attack in Amaq that they did not conduct.

Hodge, who did several interviews on Australian radio and television in the hours after the attack, claimed that he hid in the bushes of the Mandalay Bay for three hours during and after the shooting. He also claimed that he was eventually rescued by SWAT.

According to his account, he heard shots coming from Stephen Paddock’s room on his way back from dinner. He then ran downstairs through the kitchen of a restaurant inside the hotel, and outside to hide.

The meeting in New Mexico is not the only strange activity of Hodge’s in the aftermath of America’s deadliest mass shooting. His activities during the shooting are not consistent with his cover story – that he hid in the bushes at the Mandalay Bay. This information, along with Hodge’s further potential ties to radical jihadists will be revealed later in this series.

The looming question remains: Why has such a suspicious character never been detained or interrogated about his potential involvement in the attack?

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