Expect CRT Backlash In Midterms

CRT Backlash In Midterms

GOP candidates across the nation are taking back our school boards, beating out left-wing lunatics who have set out to indoctrinate students with CRT and other outlandish progressive policies that have no place in the classroom.

In short, the Democrat party’s embrace and intense focus for out-of-touch topics such as gender theory and anti-white racism has become perhaps the biggest hot button issue for the 2022 midterms. The culture has shifted too far.

Just look at what happened in Wisconsin this week, where Republican candidates had several stunning victories in local school board races. Which should serve as motivation for other battleground states.

CRT Backlash In Midterms

“Republicans in Virginia followed the model of focusing on the economy and getting Critical Race Theory and LGBT propaganda out of our schools and won big last year,” 100 Percent Fed Up reported. “Now Republicans have done the same in Wisconsin.”

Just look at La Crosse County in Wisconsin, for example. Where GOP candidates picked up six seats in a county that has historically been dominated by democrats.

CRT Backlash In Midterms

While voters are fed up with the Democrat agenda reaching classrooms, they are also tired of them reaching the streets. Consider Kenosha County, for instance, where for the first time ever, residents have elected its first Republican county executive just one year after Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal.

“In 2016, Trump was the first Republican to win Kenosha County since Nixon. In 2020, he won it again and increased his margin of victory. Now, Kenosha just elected its first Republican County Executive. Let the red wave begin,” GOP strategist Greg Price tweeted.

Polling shows that topics like CRT and gender theory are extremely unpopular amongst parents, yet Democrats continue to push them anyways. This failure to shift strategy is why many are predicting a red ‘tsunami’ come midterms.

“I think you’re going to see a red tsunami in 2022,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. “I think it could be the biggest election since 1938. I think the Republicans could pick up 15 seats in the Senate and 50 or more seats in the House. And they could carry a majority of governorships and state legislatures.”

Gingrich continued: “The level of anger at what the left is doing — whether it’s Critical Race Theory being forced on little kids as young as five, six, seven; whether it’s trying to take God out of public life.”

“Whether it’s this attack on traditional values; whether it’s having Biden lecture us that we have systemic racism; whether it’s the 1619 Project being forced into the curriculum,” Gingrich added. “The level of anger is so great that I think Republicans are going to have a very, very good election in 2022.”

Only time will tell for how this all plays out, but if once democrat led Wisconsin is any indicator, culture war issues are at the top of ticket for voters in 2022.

Now, Republicans just need to run on those issues.


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