Fake MAGA Candidate Insults Trump While Courting Trump Supporters

Virtually every Republican running for office wants to have the support of Trump supporters. But much of the time, they aren’t really Trump supporters to begin with. That is the case of Matt McCall, who is running to be the Republican candidate in Texas’ 21st Congressional District.

During a recent speaking engagement, McCall stated that he supports the President’s policies while bashing the President himself, stating that he doesn’t want him to “watch his daughters.”

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I’m pretty sure President Trump has a lot more important things to do than watch his daughters. He is lowering taxes, increasing border security, and bringing peace to the Korean peninsula.  He’s doing all this while fake MAGA candidate Matt McCall is using the same attacks that liberals are launching against the President.

McCall felt it was appropriate to attack the President all while his very own campaign signs include “MAGA” stickers in the corner.

In response, many people were left furious that he was using Trump’s campaign slogan. Trump’s campaign spokesman Katrina Pierson even fired back at him, and mentioned McCall’s challenger, Chip Roy, implying her support.



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