Fake News Paints Transgender High School Shooter in a Sympathetic Light After Sentencing

The fake news is painting a mass shooter in a sympathetic light because that individual is transgender and are framing their rampage as a somewhat justifiable response to alleged bullying.

Liberal rag Daily Beast is publishing an article contending that 17-year-old killer Alec McKinney is a victim because the tranny’s feelings were hurt by kids at school.

“I killed their innocence. I killed their ambitions. And I killed their sense of security,” McKinney said. “I not only physically killed people, I mentally killed people too. I don’t know how to describe the sorrow I feel when I think of the victims. The horror I caused is truly too much for anyone to bear.”

McKinney has been sentenced to life in prison with the chance of parole for the rampage that took place at the STEM School Highlands Ranch in Denver on May 2019. The shooting took the life of 18-year-old Kendrick Castillo, who was among the heroes that attempted to rush McKinney and his accomplice, 19-year-old Devon Erickson, to stop the mass shooting as it took place.

The fake news wants to lionize McKinney because the mentally ill youngster said that he was targeting students that “always made fun of him, ‘hated him,’ called him names and said he was disgusting for trying to be a guy.”

“The amount of pain it causes to everyone who ever cared about you, and innocent people, outweighs anything you are going through right now. Why would you idolize someone who hurt people, someone who was so weak that they couldn’t get help?” McKinney said in his plea to get less jail time.

John and Maria Castillo, father of Kendrick, are not accepting the lip service from McKinney after their son’s life was taken prematurely by the monster.

“This killer is a monster. You sit there with crocodile tears down your face? Well scripted,” John Castillo said, crying. “I need to tell you something: These are real tears.”

“I’m still waiting for him to come home,” Maria Castillo sobbed. “This evil killer destroyed my family.”

Big League Politics reported last year after McKinney committed his heinous crime to perpetrate LGBT supremacy:

Alec McKinney, a 16-year-old transgender boy who is accused of committing a mass shooting at the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) School in Highlands Ranch, CO last month, has revealed his motive in court. He wanted to make cisgendered students pay for judging him and his lifestyle choice, according to court documents.

McKinney, who is in the pre-op phase of transitioning to be a man, said to police that he recruited his accomplice, Devon Erickson, 18, to help carry out the heinous acts that took the life of one student and severely injured eight others.

Revenge was an apparent part of McKinney’s motive for allegedly committing the shooting, as at least one individual was targeted because they “called him names and said he was disgusting for trying to be a guy,” according to the affidavit that was released on Thursday after court documents were unsealed by Douglas County District Judge Theresa Slade.

McKinney said he wanted to make others who were normal “experience bad things [and] to suffer from trauma like he has had to in his life and to realize that the world is a bad place,” according to court documents. He fired two handguns in a classroom until the firearms were emptied, police said.

The affidavit states that his accomplice was reticent about committing the mass murder, as Erickson claims that he was “in shock and stated that he didn’t want anyone to get shot.” He claims he was threatened by McKinney into being his accomplice.

“Devin told [McKinney] a few weeks prior that he parents owned guns and they were locked in a safe,” investigators said.

According to a probable cause statement: “Devon repeatedly claimed he was going to stop [McKinney] but couldn’t articulate how or why he never told an adult.”

McKinney allegedly wanted to commit suicide after finishing the slaying, but failed to remove the safety mechanism on the gun he left the classroom with. He admits hat she did in fact threaten his accomplice with an ax to get access to Erickson’s parents’ firearms.

Don’t expect left-wing thought control groups like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center to draw attention to this instance of left-wing, pro-LGBT terrorism in their databases.

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