Fake News Promotes the Greatness of the Deep State and War Party for Accepting Homosexuals Now

The fake news media is aggressively promoting the supremacy of the deep state and the military-industrial complex because homosexuals have been made the poster children for their unconstitutional and illicit rule.

Ned Price was recently hired as the first openly gay spokesman for the State Department under President-imposed Joe Biden. The Daily Beast published a nauseating puff piece showing how the deep state has been leading the LGBT movement.

“We are concerned by detentions of students and other demonstrators and strongly condemn the anti-LGBTQIA rhetoric surrounding the demonstrations,” Price said in one of his first statements as State Department spokesman. 

The Daily Beast article made the case that promoting a globalist empire and occupying foreign lands is fine with Biden in charge and Price as the mouthpiece for the destruction because bombing other countries to accept homosexuals is the pinnacle of morality.

“Last week, President Biden released a presidential memorandum, making it clear his administration’s commitment to LGBTQ rights worldwide, so expect Price to be as confidently pointed as he was about the anti-LGBTQ crackdown in Turkey as and when the occasion arises. He is settling into the layered meanings of his historic appointment, and the added power of his words when he speaks up on behalf of LGBTQ rights for America,” the Daily Beast wrote.

They noted that Price was groomed for his important role through his work with the CIA.

The Daily Beast talked up how Price climbed the ladder due to tokenism as well, and the fact that he received promotions due to his lifestyle is hailed as progress.

“In 2014, he joined the National Security Council as a director of strategic communications and assistant press secretary. In June 2015, the White House appointed him a spokesperson and senior director for strategic communications at the NSC. In 2016—in another case of the right time and place—he was appointed as Special Assistant to the President, a role he remained in until the end of the Obama administration,” they wrote.

Obama alumni talked up Price effusively, knowing that he does not have the intellect or qualifications to ever rock the boat or do anything but mindlessly follow orders.

Ben Rhodes, a former Obama advisor who infamously remarked on how he could make clueless morons do whatever he wanted, said it was “remarkable how quickly Ned transitioned from the mindset of a CIA analyst and press officer to someone who had to cover literally the whole world at the White House, including the complicated intersection of national security and politics. Second, and more relevantly: Ned was the most unflappable spokesperson I worked with.”

Rhodes credited Price in helping with Obama’s policy proposals on “ISIS, refugees, Ebola, Iran Deal, Russia and Ukraine,” acquiescing to pretty much everything the regime wanted on those issues and others.

Former deputy press secretary Eric Schultz also talked up Price as a yes man who would carry water for the globalists. He said Price had a “sharp savvy in seeing how those issues would play out in the domestic political environment. He was very good at corralling NSC bureaucracy. He knew the White House was the tip of the spear, but wanted to make sure it never got out ahead of any particular agency. He reads the room. He makes sure his point of view comes across, but not in a bombastic or unprofessional way. He keeps in mind that government is a collaborative enterprise. He’s always fighting for the greater good. He is also a good friend, fun to be around, and knows when not to take himself too seriously.”

It is becoming more obvious why government and corporate elites are pushing the LGBT movement.

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