Fanatic Anti-Trump Former CIA Director John Brennan to be Interviewed By US Attorney John Durham

Former Obama CIA Director turned partisan anti-Trump pundit John Brennan is slated to conduct an interview with US Attorney John Durham on Friday, according to new reporting from Redstate.

Durham, Connecticut’s federal District Attorney, has been charged with overseeing a special probe into FBI misconduct in the 2016 election. He’s already secured a guilty plea from a longtime FBI and Robert Mueller probe lawyer, who admitted earlier this week to illegally altering CIA documents on Trump campaign official Carter Page in order to secure a FISA warrant for surveillance purposes.

Brennan has reinvented himself as a cable news personality on the neoliberal mainstream media networks, frequently appearing on MSNBC to deliver furious condemnations of Donald Trump and any deviation from the establishment foreign policy consensus.

As CIA director during the 2016 election, Brennan could’ve conceivably been connected numerous abuses of power the secretive intelligence agency was connected to, including the proliferation of Christopher Steele’s dossier. Steele, a British intelligence operative, created a phony document alleging then-candidate Trump was involved in prostitution in Russia, a false claim sourced from the bowels of an online image board.

Brennan will finally answer for his conduct as CIA director to a high-ranking Department of Justice official. If he was not responsible for the well-documented abuses of power and political election interference on the part of top intelligence agencies such as the CIA or FBI, then he has nothing to hide. In any event, Durham’s probe appears to be getting very interesting.

Brennan is continuing his regular schedule of furious Twitter conniptions, making colorful accusations against the integrity of anyone who presses for reforms to powerful and unaccountable federal agencies.

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