FBI Rescues 200 Sex Trafficking Victims, Finds Over 125 Offenders In Two-Week Child Exploitation Operation

Remember when the mainstream media kept telling us that Sound of Freedom was somehow linked to QAnon and a dog whistle for the radical right? Well, the FBI just rescued 200 sex trafficking victims, and found over 125 offenders. 

Seems like sex trafficking truly is an issue more Americans ought to be aware of.


The FBI found 200 sex trafficking victims and more than 125 suspects during a two-week child exploitation operation in July, federal officials said Tuesday.

During “Operation Cross Country,” the FBI located 59 victims of child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation and 59 missing children.

The FBI teamed with state and local agencies to identify or arrest 126 suspects of child sexual exploitation and human trafficking and 68 suspected traffickers.

So again, why did the mainstream media work so hard to stop people from seeing the box office hit Sound of Freedom?

We have seen this terrifying trend from the mainstream left-wing media time and time again. They smear conservative-esk films like Sound of Freedom, while in the same breath praise pro-pedophile content like Netflix’s Cuties

Just recently, award-winning journalist James Gordon Meek, the former ABC News producer who authored a book critical of the Afghanistan withdrawal, pleaded guilty to child pornography charges.

At the time of Meek’s arrest back in February, those on the right and the left had their own opinions over the FBI’s raid on his home. However, both sides appeared to have missed the biggest factor in this story altogether; child trafficking and abuse.

This developing news highlights the many evils in the world that stretch beyond the realm of politics. Evils that everyone on both sides of the aisle ought to be uniting against.

The mainstream media, nonetheless, seems to be in defense of pedophiles based on their reaction to Sound of Freedom and all its success. Not to mention their never-ceasing attempts to smear the right as QAnon conspiracists. 

Clearly the topic of sex trafficking is deeper and darker than most of us ever realized.

“Behind every statistic, there is a person with dreams, aspirations, and the right to live a life free from child sex trafficking and exploitation,” NCMEC President and CEO Michelle DeLaune said in a statement following the FBI’s recent arrest of 125 offenders . 

“As a society, we must work together to ensure the protection, support, and empowerment of those impacted by this heinous crime,” she added.

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