Federal Investigators Seize Trump Advisors’ Phones As Part Of Jan 6 Probe

On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump shared on Truth Social that he expects to be arrested a third time as part of the DOJ’s January 6th investigation.

According to Trump, he was only given four days to respond to a Sunday night letter from special counsel Jack Smith.

Since the Truth Social post, federal investigators reportedly seized the phones of Trump advisors including Boris Epshteyn, Mike Roman, and John Eastman and Jeffrey Clark.

The Post Millennial:

…the phones of Boris Epshteyn, described as “an in-house counsel who helps coordinate Mr. Trump’s legal efforts,” and campaign strategist Mike Roman, who was director of Election Day operations for Trump’s campaign in 2020.

The phones of John Eastman and Jeffrey Clark were also seized. Clark’s phone was seized as part of an investigation into alternate electors. 

Following the news, Trump supporters, in addition to big name voices like GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, have voiced their frustrations and concerns for Joe Biden’s corrupt DOJ. 

“If Jack Smith has evidence of criminality, should Donald Trump be held accountable?” CNN’s Jake Tapper asked DeSantis during an interview Tuesday.

“So, here’s the problem. This country is going down the road of criminalizing political differences,” DeSantis responded. “I think that’s wrong. Alvin Bragg stretched the statute in Manhattan to be able to try to target Donald Trump. Most people, even people on the Left, acknowledge if that wasn’t Trump, that case would not have likely been brought against a normal civilian.”

Later, DeSantis shared that if he were president, “we’re going to have a new FBI director on day one.” He also told Tapper “we’re going to have big changes at the Department of Justice.” 


On the flip side of all this controversy, CNN has already begun propping up special counsel Jack Smith. 

Here’s the outlet praising him for buying a Subway sandwich:

Fox News

CNN hosts appeared fixated on Special Counsel Jack Smith exiting a local Subway shop in the wake of sending a letter telling the former President Donald Trump he is the target of a grand jury investigation.

While reporting on the news, “Inside Politics” host Dana Bash drew attention to CNN correspondent Evan Perez’s “exclusive” footage of Smith exiting a Subway for lunch while refusing reporter questions. Speaking with Perez, Bash highlighted the “imagery” of the scene to contrast himself with Trump.

“What is important is the imagery here. They clearly wanted us to see him and that image to be very different from what we saw in the former president’s post, which is that he’s a deranged individual,” Bash said.

DeSantis is right when he says Americans must have confidence in the rule of law regardless of political tribe, because this garbage investigation would not be happening if the person in question was anyone other than Trump.

CNN’s promotion of Smith already shows all the biases we need to see.

These people really don’t want Trump re-elected.

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