Felony Arrest Warrant Issued for Grifter Jacob Wohl

Infamous hoax artist and publicity seeker Jacob Wohl is now wanted for felony financial fraud in California, in a development that could represent the end of the hoaxster’s ability to invent new scams.

Wohl is being charged by California prosecutors for the unlawful sale of securities. They’re alleging he sold illegitimate certificates of ownership in a company he founded with a business partner, Matthew Johnson. Johnson is also being charged.

It ranges from possible to likely that the company shares Wohl sold to members of the public in 2016 never even existed to begin with. His arrest warrant is yet to be carried out as of Wednesday night, and prosecutors have recommended a bond of $5,000 for Wohl and Johnson.

Wohl conveniently fashions himself something of an online Trump supporter, but his political history is checkered with a series of poorly orchestrated and failed scam attempts. Most recently, he allegedly tried to frame deep state-linked special counsel Robert Mueller for fake sex abuse, giving the anti-Trump prosecutor unnecessary credibility.

He went on to repeat the same exact publicity scam against Democrat Pete Buttigieg, once again giving the mainstream media the opportunity to make grandiose claims against all Trump supporters.

For a grifter such as Wohl, the ‘MAGA’ movement is little more than an opportunity to con Americans with the hopes of quick money and undeserved attention from fake claims.

If Wohl were to disappear from political discourse on account of serving a prison term or simply realizing his capacity to blatantly scam people has ceased to exist, the ‘MAGA’ movement would stand to gain significantly.

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