Florida Bill Requiring Parental Consent for Abortion Set to Become Law

US Representative Ron DeSantis, Republican of Florida, and candidate for Florida Governor, speaks during a rally with US President Donald Trump at Florida State Fairgrounds Expo Hall in Tampa, Florida, on July 31, 2018. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

The Florida legislature has passed a new law requiring the consent of parents for minors to receive abortions. The bill passed the state house on Friday and is headed to the desk of Gov. Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has expressed support for the legislation and is expected to sign it, establishing Senate Bill 404 as law.

The legislation will require parents to give their express consent to medical personnel in order for minors to receive abortions.

Parental consent is generally required for minors to do almost anything in American society, such as going on a field trip, receiving treatment from a dentist, or even staying out late on the weekend. It’s somewhat unexplainable that parental consent isn’t legally required for minors to have abortions in most American states.

The bill passed overwhelmingly in the Florida House after first passing the state senate, with a resounding final count of 75-43 in favor.

Planned Parenthood blasted the legislation, taking aim at the notion that parents be given the right to make consequential medical decisions affecting their children.

It’s one of several policy advancements for the pro-life movement in recent years during Donald Trump’s presidency, and perhaps one of the most significant considering Florida’s status as one of the biggest states in the country

The pro-life legislation adds another conservative feather to the policy cap of Florida’s DeSantis, a Trump supporter who has established a reputation for a willingness and an ability to advance popular conservative legislation into law in Florida. DeSantis is currently in a battle with elements of the state legislature that seek to water down a statewide e-Verify proposal.

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