Former NFL Rushing Leader Decries ‘Effeminate Agenda’ That is ‘Taking Over Professional Sports’

Former NFL rushing leader Larry Johnson released a series of tweets yesterday exposing what he calls the “effeminate agenda” that he believes is permeating throughout “the heterosexual sports world.”

Johnson, who led the NFL in rushing attempts for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2006, continued to expose how he thinks this conspiracy is being waged in each of the major pro sports.

The mainstream media hammered Johnson due to his controversial tweets, pointing out his history of domestic violence charges and possible brain trauma due to hits he received as a top NFL running back.

Newsweek shines light on Johnson’s troubled recent history:

Though one of Johnson’s tweets appeared to criticize the NFL for treating some of its players’ domestic violence issues lightly, Johnson himself has a criminal history of violence against women. His record shows multiple arrests for assaulting women.

Most recently, in 2012, Johnson was arrested in Las Vegas for allegedly assaulting an ex-girlfriend. He reportedly choked her to the point she blacked out. Johnson alleged he was trying to get the unidentified woman out of his hotel room when she started to attack him.

He reached a plea deal in the subsequent trial, and was sentenced to one year probation. Johnson was also sentenced to mandatory counseling, community service and a $345 fine.

In a 2017 interview with the Washington Post, Johnson said he believes he has chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a result of multiple head injuries. He attributes some of his bad behavior and memory loss to CTE in the interview.

However, rapid advancement of the LGBT agenda throughout every facet of society bolsters Johnson’s theories. Children are now groomed by drag queens, some of whom have been exposed as convicted sex predators, in public libraries and churches.

LGBT propaganda was promoted by virtually every multinational corporation during Pride Month this year as professional sports leagues openly joining in the festivities.

“NFL Pride” was launched in 2017 to turn the football league into a vehicle for promoting the LGBT agenda. The stated goals were to “heighten sensitivity to the LGBTQ community” and show their “commitment to an inclusive environment in which all employees are welcome.”

Last year, they introduced homosexual male cheerleaders on the sidelines of NFL games:

These developments make Johnson’s theories seem not so far-fetched.

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