Former RINO MI House Speaker Accused of Molesting 15 Year Old Sister-in-Law

Former Michigan Speaker of the House, Lee Chatfield, has recently been accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting his sister-in-law, Rebekah, beginning when she was just roughly 15 years old. Rebekah Chatfield, now 26, claims that the molestation began in 2010 at the Gaylord Northern Michigan Baptist Bible Church. She would have been 14 or 15 years old and was, at the time, dating the future Speaker’s brother. Big League Politics has previously reported that Chatfield, a “Republican”, colluded with Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer in using State Police to keep Pro-Trump electors out of the Lansing Capitol Building in 2020. Chatfield also praised the premature and fraudulent certification of Joe Biden’s “win” in Michigan as a great example of “America at work”.

Rebekah Chatfield says that the molestation continued for roughly a decade, going well into the summer of 2021. According to her, former Speaker Chatfield controlled every aspect of her life, sexually assaulting her everywhere from inside of church to his office as the capitol. Chatfield, who is currently 33 and married, asserts that while he did engage in adulterous sexual activities with his sister-in-law, she was a consenting adult and he waited until she was of age to pursue the extramarital affair.

In a statement to the Michigan Bridge, Chatfield’s lawyer, Mary Chartier, asserted: “He had affairs while he was married, including a sexual relationship with the woman who is now claiming she was raped, but they were both consenting adults.”

Prior to being elected in 2014, Chatfield worked as a teacher and soccer coach. Due to Michigan’s 6 year term limits, Chatfield left office in January of 2021. Despite no longer being Speaker, Rebekah’s claims that Chatfield sexually assaulted her in his own office has now drawn attention to the Michigan Capitol. According to the Detroit Free Press, all members of the Michigan House of Representatives were sent a letter instructing them to preserve any evidence that may be useful in the State Police’s investigation:

“Effective immediately, you are required to secure and preserve (i.e. not delete, over-write, destroy, or otherwise alter in any fashion whatsoever) any documents, files or information (hard copy or electronic, including backup) regardless of their form or where they are stored, relating to former Speaker Chatfield’s conduct while in office or his use of House resources (i.e. staff, office, house-issued equipment, etc.),”

Michigan House of Representatives (Source: Detroit Free Press)

A proper investigation and time will tell of the conduct of Speaker Chatfield’s behavior. Was he just a sleezy politician that liked to cheat on his wife, or was he a school teacher turned-pedophile who just happened to rise to power? One thing is for sure though: Thank God Lee Chatfield is no longer Michigan’s “Republican” Speaker of the House.

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