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Former Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale is Placed in Mental Hospital After Alleged Suicide Threats

Parscale was removed as campaign manager.



Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale has been placed in a mental institution due to making suicide threats after a bizarre encounter with law enforcement.

Parscale’s wife reportedly called 911 on Sunday afternoon as her husband was reportedly behaving erratically. She said her husband was armed and threatening to kill himself. When police arrived, Parscale barricaded himself on the property.

After Parscale was finally subdued, he was transferred to Broward Health Medical Center. Under Florida law, individuals deemed a threat to themselves or others can be held for 72 hours for psychiatric evaluation.

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“Brad Parscale is a member of our family and we all love him. We are ready to support him and his family in any way possible,” said President Trump’s Campaign Communications Director, Tim Murtaugh, in response to the incident.

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Because of red flag laws enacted by the state of Florida, Parscale may lose his constitutional right to bear arms for up to a year due to this episode.

Big League Politics reported about how Parscale failed miserably as Trump campaign manager, which caused the campaign to lose momentum during its early stages that Trump is still trying to recover from:

President Donald Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Monday when he said that immigration wouldn’t be one of the top issues that Trump focuses on while trying to obtain re-election this November.

When Dobbs asked Parscale what the top three issues would be for the President on the campaign trail, Parscale claimed jobs, national security and healthcare would be what Trump would focus on. Dobbs, who has been a proponent for border security his entire career, was surprised that immigration was not included.

“You didn’t mention border security. You didn’t mention immigration,” Dobbs said.

“Well, I think on immigration he’s already in the winning column. I think that those people we already have voters. I think these other issues we have to continue to get the other voters to come across and make this a landslide victory,” Parscale responded…

This follows news of Trump capitulating on mass immigration. Reversing his previous stance, Trump is now ready to open the flood gates for the third-world so that corporations can hire cheap labor…

Best selling author and #StandWithICE founder Michelle Malkin is not happy with the Trump administration’s embrace of mass immigration policies. She said that Trump ought to be thinking like Tucker Carlson, who produced a segment on his show Monday night that could be seen as a reality check of sorts for the Trump administration.

“The candidate who makes it easier for thirty-year-olds to get married and have kids will win the election and deserve to win,” Carlson explained after pointing out the many economic woes, such as crippling student loan debt, for millennial-aged voters.


Campaign 2020

Joe Biden: We Have “The Most Extensive and Inclusive VOTER FRAUD Organization”

Slip of the tongue? Or raw honesty?



We all know Joe Biden is a one-man gaffe machine.

Did he commit another gaffe today? Or was he being completely honest?

Biden indicated Saturday that his team has built “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”


Notice that he, per usual, stumbles over his words prior to the voter fraud remark. In all likelihood it was a slip of the tongue. But he continues to supply ammunition to conservatives and make any informed voter question if he has the wherewithal to become president. He probably doesn’t even know what he’s saying half the time.

If I were a Democrat, I’d be pulling my hair out right about now. It’s hard to believe that Biden’s the best they’ve got.

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