Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale: Immigration Will Not Be Main Issue During Re-Election Effort

President Donald Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Monday when he said that immigration wouldn’t be one of the top issues that Trump focuses on while trying to obtain re-election this November.

When Dobbs asked Parscale what the top three issues would be for the President on the campaign trail, Parscale claimed jobs, national security and healthcare would be what Trump would focus on. Dobbs, who has been a proponent for border security his entire career, was surprised that immigration was not included.

“You didn’t mention border security. You didn’t mention immigration,” Dobbs said.

“Well, I think on immigration he’s already in the winning column. I think that those people we already have voters. I think these other issues we have to continue to get the other voters to come across and make this a landslide victory,” Parscale responded.

The clip can be seen here:

This follows news of Trump capitulating on mass immigration. Reversing his previous stance, Trump is now ready to open the flood gates for the third-world so that corporations can hire cheap labor.

Just last week, Trump echoed Chamber of Commerce talking points and implied that American college graduates were not intelligent or qualified enough to be employed at corporate jobs.

“We do need workers in our country… We need people. I got Foxconn to go into Wisconsin. They have to get people. They have spent a fortune. They built the most incredible plant I have ever seen,” Trump said to Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

“But why shouldn’t we have American graduates of colleges and universities taking those jobs?” Ingraham asked in response.

“We do, but we don’t have enough of them. We don’t have enough of them, and we have to be competitive with the rest of the world too. The companies want to hire these people, and they can’t,” Trump said.

“They want to hire people they can hire for the cheapest amount because that’s what they want,” Ingraham contended.

“I’m not talking about cheap. I’m talking about brain power,” Trump said to a stunned Ingraham. “They want to hire smart people, and those people are thrown out of the country. We can’t do that.”

Best selling author and #StandWithICE founder Michelle Malkin is not happy with the Trump administration’s embrace of mass immigration policies. She said that Trump ought to be thinking like Tucker Carlson, who produced a segment on his show Monday night that could be seen as a reality check of sorts for the Trump administration.

“The candidate who makes it easier for thirty-year-olds to get married and have kids will win the election and deserve to win,” Carlson explained after pointing out the many economic woes, such as crippling student loan debt, for millennial-aged voters.

Carlson’s segment about next year’s election can be seen here:

“Homework assignment for Parscale: Memorize Tucker’s monologue. Go back on Lou Dobbs and do over your awful interview,” Malkin wrote on the social media app Telegram.

Trump is getting advised by members of his administration to jettison his immigration mandate, and it could hurt his re-election chances.