French Presidential Candidate Eric Zemmour Attacked in Campaign Appearance as He Pledges “Reconquest” of France

French presidential candidate and political commentator Eric Zemmour was attacked on Sunday during his first campaign appearance in Paris, with a man lunging at Zemmour and briefly grabbing him in a headlock.

Zemmour’s campaign livestream captured the attack, which could’ve been potentially deadly if not for the quick intervention of Zemmour’s extensive security detail.

Zemmour’s first campaign event faced a mass of ANTIFA violence, with political terrorists arriving to attack him supporters in an act of intimidation.

Zemmour has pledged to to lead what he’s describing as a “reconquest” of France, restoring French culture at an hour where the country’s traditional way of life has been targeted for destruction by liberals who desire to implement the English-speaking world’s “woke” pseudo-religion. In some senses more similar to a right-wing candidate of 2015 than a contemporary conservative, Zemmour has attacked immigration to France as an act of war, pledged to reverse the Islamization of French cities and neighborhoods, and restore pride and honor to France’s cultural and historical heritage.

Citing what he identified as France’s “fading into silence” at his Sunday campaign speech in Paris, Zemmour was met with support from a large crowd that some might consider a campaign rarity in French politics. Zemmour pledges to suspend all immigration to France for ten years, amending the nation’s constitution to repeal obsolete asylum laws. The longtime journalist speaks of a “great replacement” of the French people, offering an alternative to a vision of the country in which the majority of French citizens will likely be Muslim by the year 2050.

The party Zemmour has founded to support his presidential campaign is termed “Reconquête!” as such, in what may be an allusion to the Christian reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula(and parts of southern France) in Europe over the course of the Middle Ages and culminating in 1492.

France’s next presidential election is slated for 2022, with Zemmour facing challenges from Front National leader Marine Le Pen and incumbent French globalist President Emmanuel Macron.

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