Georgia Could Be The First State To Make Genital Mutilation Surgery For Minors A Felony

A Georgia lawmaker is working on legislation that would make it a felony for medical professionals to transition children into a different gender, following the James Younger case out of Texas.

Georgia House Rep. Ginny Ehrhart of Powder Springs explained to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that her bill would protect children from being drugged or having surgical procedures performed on them for the purposes of transitioning them to a different gender that could cause a lifetime of permanent damage.

Currently, parental consent is allowed before these types of procedures become permissible to be performed on children. Ehrhart’s legislation would make it a felony in every case. The bill is currently in the works, and it is being written to allow medical professionals to assist grown adults in pursuing a gender transition.

“We’re talking about children that can’t get a tattoo or smoke a cigar or a cigarette in the state of Georgia, but can be castrated and get sterilized,” Ehrhart said.

The LGBT movement in Georgia is crying foul at this legislation that would create a roadblock for their agenda to recruit children into their depraved lifestyle.

“This legislation would criminalize decisions that are made carefully within families in consultation with medical professionals and mental health professionals,” said Jeff Graham, executive director of Georgia Equality. Graham also called Ehrhart’s proposal “shameful.”

“Supporting children in recognizing their gender identity is not only humane, it saves lives and strengthens families,” he added.

Ehrhart is undaunted by the LGBT movement’s support of medical child abuse. Her legislation may ultimately punish parents who allow their children to undergo these procedures as well.

“There may be some implication for the responsibility of the parent to subject the child to this sort of dangerous medical intervention,” she said.

“[Ehrhart’s] contention that this is damaging to children or society is without merit and is a result of the dangerous trend from the most conservative forces to demonize and strip transgender individuals of their humanity,” Graham said.

However, Ehrhart produced quotes from Dr. Quentin Van Meter, a pediatric endocrinologist based out of Atlanta. Van Meter believes Ehrhart’s legislation is necessary to prevent “medical experimentation based on wishful social theory.”

“These children are suffering from a psychological condition without biologic basis,” he said. “Using the bludgeon of threatened suicide as justification is first of all cruel, and secondly, not supported by valid published studies.”

Ehrhart’s legislation comes in response to the attempted forced gender transition of 7-year-old James Younger in Texas. His father, Jeffrey, received joint custody of his son only after the story went viral and caught the attention of Gov. Greg Abbott.

Big League Politics reported on the tragic case last week:

Judge Kim Cooks has granted joint custody to the parents of 7-year-old James Younger, a young boy who has been encouraged to transition into a girl by his mother.

Jeffrey Younger and his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, have been involved in a bitter court battle over their twin children, James and Jude, for many months now. Georgulas wants to transition James from a boy into a girl named “Luna” and pump him full of puberty blockers before he reaches the age of 10…

On Monday, a jury decided on an 11-1 ruling to terminate the Joint Managing Conservatorship to both parents and deny the Sole Managing Conservatorship to Mr. Younger over his twin boys. This effectively allowed Georgulas, who admitted during court proceedings that she is not the biological mother to the twin boys, to continue transitioning James into a girl without any input from the father.

Judge Cooks’ ruling changes that, as Mr. Younger will now have a say in James’ transition. An uphill battle remains though, and Cooks will be deprived of his core freedoms moving forward. However, Cooks did slap a gag order on Mr. Younger, depriving him of his 1st Amendment rights to rally public support behind his son. This means the Save James website will be taken off-line.

Only through legislative actions like those proposed by Rep. Ehrhart can the souls of children be saved from an LGBT agenda with a tremendous amount of momentum and institutional power at virtually every level behind it.

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