GETTR CEO Jason Miller is Forced to Admit His Social Media Platform Does Not Support Freedom of Speech

GETTR CEO Jason Miller has a great deal of egg on his face after appearing on a livestream with popular video podcaster Tim Pool on Wednesday.

Pool pressed Miller on the banning of Nick Fuentes and his so-called army of “Groypers” despite the fact that they committed no terms of service violations on the GETTR platform. Miller said that they and anyone who his platform arbitrarily deems guilty of wrongthink will be removed from the platform and deprived of their freedom of speech.

“Our viewpoint is your Free Speech rights really extend up to the point to where they start to infringe on someone else’s rights, whether that be their safety, whether that be keeping them protected from racial or religious epithets, making sure that no one is out there suggesting or trying to get people to act on illegal behavior,” Miller said.

Miller claimed that because he and his team of thought controllers believe Fuentes and his Groyper army have extremist beliefs that they will be denied their ability to speak freely on the GETTR platform. Pool was not buying it.

“I don’t think you got an argument here, man. This sounds like complete bullsh*t,” Pool told Miller, accusing him of “talking in circles.”

“I’ve not listened to Nick Fuentes. I don’t know a lot about him. I know that he’s been banned across the board. I know he’s had trouble getting on planes… So, it’s really difficult for me to understand exactly what he did wrong. The issue for me is when I ask you, you don’t seem to know either,” he added.

“Look, I’m going to say on this that you’re not going to make everyone happy when you’re running a social media platform. And people are going to have different opinions,” Miller said as he stuttered and stammered through a very underwhelming response.

A clip from the exchange can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how Gab is dominating the alt media landscape and leaving GETTR in the dust because their social media platform actually respects freedom of speech:

Free speech social media platform Gab raked in the lion’s share of traffic and user engagement at the end of 2021, easily doubling Gettr’s traffic and seemingly tripling it.

Statistics from web traffic gauging website indicated Gab received more than 18.5 million visits in December 2021, a figure considerable enough to rank it among 100 most popular websites in the world.

… Critics of Gettr have speculated the project will only end as its predecessor Parler did, deplatformed by the Big Tech Masters of the Universe the moment the platform is deemed a political inconvenience for progressives and the Left. Gettr utilizes Amazon Web Services, which denied service to Parler in the aftermath of the January 6th riot, a development Parler was unable to recover from.

Gettr has been accused of artificially inflating the follower counts of prominent users of the platform, appearing to merely add on eight million followers to Joe Rogan’s account when he signed up as a recognition of his existing Twitter following. Gab has been estimated to have an active user base of over four million earlier in 2021.

GETTR is likely to go the way of Parler due to their dishonest business practices. Gab remains the gold standard for alt tech and seems more viable with each passing day.

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