Gillette CEO Stands by Anti-Male Ad Campaign As Share Prices Plummet

Gillette President Stop Discussing Ad

Shaving razor company Gillette has suffered from a considerable sales downturn after a controversial series of ads that seemed to lecture men on supposed problems with their behavior broadly. Their CEO, Gary Coombe, doesn’t seem to care, explaining that he sees the ad campaign as a worthy endeavor even if it meant costing Gillette customers.

Gillette released the first in a series of ads in January, featuring a lengthy lecture directed to men broadly for supposed “toxic” behaviors. The appropriateness of a men’s hygiene company adopting stale liberal feminist talking points was questioned by many traditional Gillette customers, who ultimately decided to take their business elsewhere.

Gillette’s parent company’s president, in what was perhaps an observation that other company executives ignored, tried to prevent employees from discussing the widely mocked ad. The ad, titled ‘The Best Men Can Be,’ has become one of the most-disliked videos in the history of YouTube, with a whopping 1.5 million viewers pressing the thumbs down button.

The experience seems to have hit Gillette where it hurts the most for any multinational corporation- the company’s wallet. Coombe has admitted the company has been forced to write off a massive $8 billion in revenue, but refuses to acknowledge that the preachy and sanctimonious feminist propaganda campaign was a mistake.

As Gillette continues to lose more and more business to competitors such as Dollar Shave Club, the company’s leadership appears set to double down on pandering to irrelevant and anti-male social justice obsessives.

Ultimately, the company won’t be missed by the millions of overwhelmingly decent and moral men who’ve chosen to take their business elsewhere when it’s forced into liquidation.

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