“GOOGLE IS EVIL”: Alex Jones Storms Capitol Building, Confronts Google CEO

Talk radio legend, and host of Infowars, Alex Jones confronted Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Tuesday.

Pichai was heading into the House Judiciary Committee to answer questions about the company’s handling of private data, as well as about censorship of conservative viewpoints when the confrontation occurred.



Jones has been silenced by every major tech platform in recent months, including YouTube, which is owned by Google.

His show is one of the most well-known alternative media outlets in the world, and has even hosted an interview with then-candidate Donald Trump.

Jones was in attendance with long-time Trump confidant Roger Stone, who has also faced censorship from big tech, losing his massively-followed Twitter account during the 2016 election.

Google has been facing immense backlash for their censorship of conservatives.

That backlash came to a fever pitch in September when Breitbart News released a leaked video showing Google employees panicking in the wake of the election of President Trump, and talking about how they can thwart Trump, and other sprouting populist movements worldwide.

Google is also accused of manipulating search results to favor left-wing viewpoints, as pointed out by Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale.

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