Google’s Algorithm Shows Donald Trump in Image Search of Bill Clinton and Sex Criminal Jeffrey Epstein

Google seems to be in damage control mode after notorious sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein was apprehended this weekend and charged with child sex trafficking, as suspicious results coming from its image search feature.

Paul Sperry of Investor’s Business Daily claimed today in a Twitter post that photos of former President Bill Clinton and Epstein were being scrubbed off Google.

Although Big League Politics could not verify Sperry’s claim, the tech giant appears to be obscuring image search results pertaining to Epstein and Clinton. Clinton has reportedly flown on Epstein’s private jet 26 times in various excursions around the world.

An image search of the names of Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein show pictures of Trump with Epstein among its top results. The perception is given that Trump is the real criminal, or somehow involved with Epstein’s illicit operation when there is no evidence that is the case.

The evidence instead shows that President Trump served as a whistle-blower against Jeffrey Epstein, after having banned him from his Mar-a-Lago resort “because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club,” according to court documents.

Trump also provided information to Bradley Edwards, an attorney for Epstein’s alleged victims, when nobody else would in 2009 as they were building their case against the well-connected predator.

“The only thing that I can say about President Trump is that he is the only person who in 2009, when I served a lot of subpoenas on a lot of people, or at least gave notice to some pretty connected people that I wanted to talk to them. He is the only person who picked up the phone,” he said.

Edwards also added that Trump was “very helpful in the information that he gave and gave no indication whatsoever that he was involved in anything untoward.”

President Trump’s Department of Justice also snapped into action earlier this year investigating the circumstances of Epstein’s suspicious plea deal that allowed him to skirt with a light sentence for his crimes.

It was actually the Democrats and globalist establishment Republicans such as former FBI special counsel Robert Mueller who gave Epstein cover for his crimes all these years.

While Trump may have been acquainted with Epstein at one point in time, there is no evidence that Trump had any knowledge of Epstein’s illicit operations during his associations with him. He even foreshadowed the trouble Clinton would have due to his close ties with Epstein because of before he ran for President.

Google, who has already been exposed for plotting electoral interference schemes against Trump heading into the 2020 presidential election, looks to attempting a rewrite of history so Trump is defamed as Epstein faces justice.

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