GOP Officially Reprimands GA House Speaker For Unethical Behavior

Atlanta, Ga. — As of Saturday, Mar. 9, yet even more county Republican organizations are demanding the current speaker of  Georgia’s state House of Representatives step down, according to reports.

Big League Politics originally reported on the alleged abuse by Georgia House Speaker David Ralston Feb. 14,

In more than 20 criminal cases, Speaker of Georgia State House of Representatives David Ralston asked for 55 continuances, citing the one-hundred-year-old “Legislative Leave Law” in every case, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Ralston is guilty of abusing the state’s antiquated “Legislative Leave Law” to enrich his private law practice by delaying justice in numerous criminal cases, including those involving rape, molestation, aggravated assault, murder, and much more, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

David Shell — a man with a long record of beating up women — was indicted by a grand jury as repeat offender, which could mean up to 20 years in prison for aggravated assault.

But more than four years after his indictment, Shell remains free, because he retained the legal services of Ralston (speaker of the Georgia House.)

“That’s why I gave him $20,000 bucks,” Shell told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He’s worth every penny of it.”

Unlike other outlets covering Ralston’s many abuses of the antiquated “legislative leave act,” Big League Politics obtained the official resolution of the Dekalb County Republican Party, who is now adding their voice to the chorus of official GOP brass asking Ralston — the consumate career politician — to resign.

See a photo of the Dekalb County GOP’s resolution below:


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