Gun Rights Activists Storm D.C. To Celebrate Ten Year Anniversary Of Heller Decision with Rep. Thomas Massie

In front of the Supreme Court building, dozens gun rights activists rallied in support of the D.C. vs. Heller decision, which was decided ten years ago today.

It was a chaotic scene, with protesters both opposed to the gun rights rally, and opposed to the separate Supreme Court decision in favor of Trump’s travel ban that came today. The entire rally was used largely to honor Dick Heller, who brought the historic case against Washington D.C., which led towards the historic decision reiterating the fact that a citizen’s right to bear arms is not connected to military service.

The event was headlined by Rep. Thomas Massie, who is known as the most pro-gun voice in Washington, D.C. Massie started off by calling Heller a “humble man” who simply wanted to have the ability to take his service weapon, that he was trusted with to protect dignitaries in Washington, D.C., home to protect himself.

Massie also used his platform to promote a number of pro-gun bills he is pushing in Congress. He promoted his Safe Schools Act, which repeals the Gun Free School Zones Act, the Safer Voter Act, which lowers the age to buy a handgun from 21 to 18.

Particularly he promoted the Safe Schools Act, which would repeal the Gun Free School Zones Act. He also promoted the Safer Voter Act to lower the age to buy a handgun to 18, because a “20 year old mom should  be able to defend herself and her family.”

He also promoted Concealed Carry Reciprocity, specifically because it allows citizens to carry guns in Washington, D.C., because he believes “you shouldn’t have to disarm to enter our Nation’s Capital.”

Among the other speakers was Maj Toure, of the group “Black Guns Matter.” When he took the stage to speak, protesters began screaming “Black Lives Matter,” which he led a counter chant of “Black Guns Matter” in return. Along with that chant, there were other chants unrelated to the rally, including “no ban, no wall!”

The entire rally was streamed by News2Share reporter Ford Fischer, and can be viewed below.

In the end, gun rights supporters made their voices heard in our Nation’s Capital.

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