Half Of Americans Agree With Trump, Send Illegal Aliens Back Immediately And Build The Wall

A newly released CBS News Poll conducted by YouGov shows promising numbers for President Donald Trump on public support of his immigration agenda, specifically sending illegal immigrants back to their home countries. The polls results are truly amazing to any Donald Trump supporter, especially considering that of the people polled, only 41% consider themselves Trump supporters.

But even with a majority of those polled being against President Trump, a majority seem to support his agenda when it comes to immigration.

The two specific questions have to do with families entering the United States illegally, and building a wall on the southern border. 48% of those polled on what to do about illegal immigrant families entering the United States illegally support deporting the entire family back to their home country, while another 11% support detaining the families together, and 4% support separating the families in separate detention centers.  Only 21% supported allowing them to enter the United States, while 16% had no answer.

On the wall, 51% supported building the wall, while 48% felt it was a bad idea. But also note that only 41% of those polled even supported Trump in the first place.

These are very promising numbers for President Donald Trump. Immigration is the issue he seems to have spent more time on the campaign trail talking about than any other.

There is no issue that galvanized his base of support more, and these numbers show that the American people want him to push his agenda across the finish line.

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