Has the Texas Supreme Court been Infiltrated by the Radical Left?

Current and former Republican Texas Supreme Court justices have been caught spreading leftist policy proposals.

Texas Scorecard reports on the latest scheme to ensure that Texas gradually becomes a blue state.

Two Republicans in the Name Only (RINOs) have essentially infiltrated the Texas Supreme Court.

Jordan Clements reveals that Chief Justice Wallace B. Jefferson and current Justice Debra Lehrmann “have put their names on a Restatement of the Law by the American Law Institute that aims to further the far left’s assault on parental rights.”

The ALI has built a reputation for publishing “Restatements of the Law” that simplify what laws say on various matters. Clements notes that “ALI, and their restatements, were once very reliable and respected.”

However, Clements believes that “ALI has begun to move away from simply restating the law to describing what they think the law should be—and that vision of the law is a radical one.”

The late Justice Antonin Scalia, who used to frequently cite ALI restatements, was aware of the trend of judges abusing restatements.

In Kansas v. Nebraska, Scalia declared that “Over time, the Restatements’ authors have abandoned the mission of describing the law and have chosen instead to set forth their aspirations for what the law ought to be.”

Even with Scalia critiquing them, ALI has continued pushing their radical agenda forward. In one of their latest restatements, which ALI Treasurer Wallace Jefferson led with Justice Lehrmann playing an advisory role, ALI stated:

“A parent does not have authority to consent to medical procedures or treatments that impinge on the child’s constitutional rights to bodily integrity or reproductive privacy.”

Clements believes that Jefferson’s and Lehrman’s involvement in this restatement promotes the “radical idea that parents have no right to prevent their child from having an abortion or undergoing gender-reassignment surgery, amongst other medical procedures.”

Texas Scorecard has been aware of Jefferson’s gradual shift towards judicial radicalism. Clements notes that Jefferson lauded the work of Bryan Stevenson, the founder and executive director of the left-wing Equal Justice Initiative.

According to a transcript of ALI’s proceedings in 2018, Jefferson lauded Stevenson’s comments during the meeting. Jefferson praised Stevenson for saying “a few things that I think are very prescient for the work that we are about to undertake and discuss this afternoon.”

At this same meeting, Jefferson was working diligently to push the anti-parent agenda in ALI’s recent restatement.

However, Jefferson met fierce pushback from Justice Michael Massengale, a former judge in the Texas First District Court of Appeals. He highlighted that there is no legal basis for what the restatement is advancing. Massengale even said that “there are no published opinions addressing parental authority to consent.”

The former judge also pointed out that the only reference used in the restatement on the matter of parental rights was an article from Buzzfeed News.

A professor scoffed at Massengale’s concerns when he claimed that they will make the lack of court precedent “clearer in the comment itself.” The former judge countered by demonstrating the lack of precedent which casts doubt about “whether that is an accurate statement of the law.”

Jefferson then dismissed Massengale’s misgivings by giving him thanks and asking for “any other comments or questions.”

After a disappointing legislative session for gun rights, Texas now finds itself in a weird position. Indeed, the state still has laws friendly to gun rights and business, but this relatively free status could be at risk during the next decade.

The surprising performance of Robert “Beto” Francis O’Rourke has worried many conservatives in Texas. Changing demographics in the state are making it more competitive for Democrats.

Now, the GOP must start passing good policies so that it can add more people to its base, while still maintaining the support of hardcore supporters.

From here on out, however, every vote will count and the GOP would be wise to not alienate any part of its base by kicking the can down the road and not delivering on conservative policies.

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