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Border Security

HHS: Obama Admin Waved Through 1000 Illegal Minors Who Admitted to Serious Crimes



Judicial Watch released 224 pages of documents yesterday showing that the Obama administration allowed 1000 “Unaccompanied Alien Children” (UAC’s)  to cross the border who admitted to crimes ranging from drug smuggling and murder to human trafficking and rape over a period of only six months.

The reports, called Significant Incident Reports (SIR’s) detail graphic crimes committed by children who were allowed to waltz across the border into the United States.

One such SIR, where a child at a shelter in California reported that he was forced to commit murder, follows:

“Jose reported during session that in fact he told teacher about certain incidents that occurred back in his country. He said that he was forced to kill while he was working for the Gulf Cartel back in Mexico. Minor indicated that he was taken into “high” consideration for these type of missions because he was known that he was intelligent, not a drug user and responsible. However, minor added that he did not like such missions, but he had no other choice. He said” “I either did it or I would get killed.”  Jose disclosed this with feelings of remorse by adding: “Maybe now I am being punished for what I Obtained via FOIA by Judicial Watch, Inc. Page 3 of 9 did”. Jose stated that he did not tell teacher anything else. He denied other allegations concerning raping people. Minor agreed to discuss these issues with his primary mental health counselor.”

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An SIR from a shelter facility in Pennsylvania shows a child admitting to being a rapist, and threatening to rape others. The names are redacted:

“[Redacted] reported that other UAC, has been bullying him. He has been calling [redacted] “chica” (girl). Also, [redacted] reported that [redacted] said to him “Soy un violador, te voy a violar” (I am a rapist, I am going to rape you”).”

A third report from a Baptist Child and Family Services Center in Texas noted a child admitting to smuggling other children over the border for a hefty price:

“Minor, [redacted] stated to his peers while in the kitchen table that he would charge $6,000 – $8,000 per head to cross them over the border and turn them to immigration and they would not be turned into their home country. Direct Care Staff, [redacted] immediately redirected to [redacted] and informed Shift Leader, [redacted] about the situation.”

Yet another report chronicles children “snorting white pills at all times of the day” at a family services center in Oregon.

“At about 9:35pm [redacted] resident stated to YCW that all of the kids here at Paso are snorting white pills. YCW asked if the pills are from the med office, and said no, that some residents had brought them into the facility. YCW asked which residents were involved in taking the drugs and when it was happening. [Redacted] stated all the residents are snorting the white pills and at all the times of the day, but mostly in the evenings. [Redacted] also stated that he does not participate in the snorting of the drugs.”

There are more than 200 pages of appalling stories like these, which took Judicial Watch three years of Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain. The period during which these reports were taken ranges from May to November 2014.

Many reports taken from girls who crossed the border unaccompanied detail rapes by cartel members on their journey. Big League Politics reported that Border Agents continuously find that unaccompanied girls cross the border with birth control given to them before their trip, as rape is expected along the way.

Surely many of these unaccompanied children are roaming the streets freely due to the Obama administration’s relaxed border security policies.


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Border Security

CRISIS: Muslim Migrants in Germany Sexually Assaulting Women in Cemeteries



As a result of the importation of migrant form Muslim majority countries, Germany has continued to experience an increase in sexual violence against women.

Germany has been fundamentally transformed by Islamic migrants who have shown time after time their blatant disregard for the rule of the land, and their refusal to assimilate into civilized European culture, as many German women who leave their homes alone are beginning to find out.

There have been a string of sexual assaults taking place against women by Muslim migrants at the cemetery. On Saturday, a 61-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in Hanau by a man who forcibly grabbed her butt and proceeded to masturbate in front of her.

Despite the fact that the increased sexual assaults have been attributed to the importation of Islamic migrants, police in Germany remain naïve in telling women how to protect themselves and prevent assault, telling women to “say No” and “Call the police”. However, saying no isn’t going to work when dealing with a group of people who come from countries where it is acceptable for men to sexually assault and abuse women. Countries where women are treated as second class citizens and denied the most basic human rights.

No longer is it safe for women in Germany to attend music festivals and holiday celebrations with their friends, but it is no longer safe for women in Germany to visit their deceased loved ones at the cemetery alone. Under German Chancellor Angela Merkel, German culture and society is deteriorating and women have become increasingly more unsafe

While serving as Chancellor, Merkel has imported over 1.5 million Muslim migrants into Germany. Among the migrants Merkel has welcomed to Germany, several of them have carried out attacks of sexual assault against German women. On New Years Eve in 2015, the world watched in horror as women were surrounded by groups of migrant men in Germany in acts of mass sexual assault. During the 2015 New Years Eve celebrations in Germany, nearly 1,200 women were victims of sexual assault throughout various German cities.

Prosecutors later determined that an estimated 2,000 men, most of who were Muslim migrants who had recently arrived in Germany, carried out the attacks. The migrant crisis and war on women that is being carried out by Muslim men in Germany is of such great concern, that in 2017, police in Berlin set up “safe zones” for women at New Years Eve celebrations where women could be retreat if they were victims of sexual assault.

Here are several more cases of Muslim migrants sexually assaulting women at cemeteries in Germany.

-In February this year, a woman was raped several times in a cemetery in Bochum
-In February, an African brutally raped a 65-year-old elderly woman in a cemetery in Viersen
-In April a 12-year-old girl was raped by an ‘Asian man’ in a cemetery in Essen
-In June a woman was attacked by a man in a cemetery in Wuppertal

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