HIGHEST EVER: Economic Optimism Is Higher Than Ever Before Under Trump

The economy under President Donald Trump isn’t just good, it’s historically good. The latest economic optimism numbers from CNBC prove that, with there being record high approval. That means that since CNBC has begun polling economic optimism, there have never been numbers this good.

Currently, 51% of Americans think the economy is good or excellent, while only 36% have a negative view of the economy. These numbers can likely be explained by Trump’s “America First” economic policy. From passing tax cuts to negotiating fairer trade deals, things are looking up.

But it’s not just economic optimism that is looking up. The unemployment rate is historically low at 3.8%. The last time the unemployment rate was lower was in 1969. The African American unemployment rate is also at its lowest rate ever.

President Donald Trump is delivering results, something that few past Presidents could do. This is causing intense anger among those opposed to Trump. They are looking for any excuse, many even crediting former President Obama for fixing the economy.

The way things are looking, the economy is only going up, and everyone in America will benefit.

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