HUGE: Petition to Name Antifa Domestic Terrorist Organization Gains 20,000 Signatures in 24 Hours

Antifa Domestic Terrorist Petition

A petition to name Antifa a domestic terrorist organization is gaining momentum as the fallout from last weekend’s violence continues to be exposed on social media.

The petition, “Demand President Trump label Antifa a domestic terrorist organization” is growing quickly in the days following the unprecedented violence in Portland, Oregon that saw journalist Andy Ngo brutally beaten and attacked with quick cement milkshakes and an elderly man’s skull fractured during an attack with a metal pipe.

After 24 hours, the petition reached 20,000 signatures, and currently sits at just under 25,000.

Big League Politics was the first major outlet to report on the petition, launched by Demand Free Speech rally co-organizer Enrique Tarrio:

The petition comes after a wave of Antifa violence and threats struck the nation this weekend. Enrique Tarrio, the co-organizer of the Demand Free Speech rally threatened with an acid attack, started the petition after the violent weekend.

“After the attack on Andy in Oregon, the threat of an acid attack against our Demand Free Speech rally, and years of violence, it’s time for the federal government to step in,” said Tarrio. “DHS must declare Antifa a terrorist organization.”

“We need President Trump’s support. We have to end the madness.”

During the days following the outburst in violence, which has been dubbed the Antifa riot on Twitter, the Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler attempted to protect Antifa from blame by refusing to name the violent group in his remarks posted to Facebook and Twitter.

At the same time, the Portland Police Association attempted to levy equal blame to Antifa and the Proud Boys, despite video evidence showing the Proud Boys were at least a 30 minute walk away from the area where Ngo was attacked.

Big League Politics reported last night:

Video and a march route provided to Big League Politics by Proud Boys Elder Joshua Hall reveals that the Proud Boys were at least a 30 minute walk away from the location where Ngo was attacked over the weekend, contradicting claims from the Portland Police Association that the organization was somehow implicated in the violence.

The official statement, posted to the Association’s Facebook Page, exlaimed that “It’s time for our Mayor to do two things: tell both ANTIFA and Proud Boys that our City will not accept violence in our City and remove the handcuffs from our officers and let them stop the violence through strong and swift enforcement action.”

It appears the Portland Police Association did, however, attempt to levy the majority of the blame against Antifa. The statement read, “If this violence had been directed at Antifa, there would have been an immediate call for an independent, outside investigation.”

It remains to be seen if President Donald Trump, who has previously denounced Antifa in 2017 and 2018, will act against the violent leftist group.

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