Hundreds Arrested After Dallas Rioters Take Over Hunt Hill Bridge

A crowd of possibly more than a thousand rioters attempted to take over the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge on Monday, and hundreds were arrested as law enforcement and the National Guard utilized tear gas to disperse the unruly mob.

On-the-ground footage showed rioters being handcuffed and led away from the formation, with most of the rioters backing down after authorities utilized tear gas to disperse the crowd. Police and National Guard had formed a barrier to prevent the rioters from proceeding down the bridge into a retail district of downtown Dallas.

The massive formation of rioters had violated Texas’ mandatory curfew in response to the race riots, which expired at 8PM local time.

Rioters taking to the blocking of city bridges and highways in Minneapolis have posed a considerable danger to the public, with at least one death resulting from an incident in which rioters mobbed a semi-truck and were dragged by the vehicle.

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