Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán Vowed to Destroy Illegal Immigration at Nationalist Conference

According to Jay Greenberg of Neon Nettle, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared that “liberalism is over” while calling for a new era of “Christian democracy.”

Orbán spoke at the National Conservatism conference on February 4, 2020 where he promised to end immigration into Hungary. The conference was organized by the Edmund Burke Foundation.

Orbán took advantage of his speech by calling out the European Union’s open border policies during the migration crisis as a failure. He also criticized the EU’s response to the 2008 global financial crisis.

He called attention to the significant differences between Hungary’s migration policies in comparison to other countries such as Germany.

Orbán pointed to the declining percentage of European Christians as a civilizational concern. According to About Hungary, Orbán told the conference attendees that Europe’s growing number of Muslim migrants has occurred simultaneously with its rapidly declining Christian population, which is causing massive social unrest.

“According to the liberals, this is fine, because they don’t like Christian society,” Orbán declared. He believes that this suicidal decision is Western Europe’s suicidal choice to make.

However, he believes that Central Europe should not follow in the EU’s mass migration footsteps.

“The result will be a new kind of society, one that’s preferred by Europe’s liberals because they believe that a society that is religiously and ethnically mixed will bring about a better life,” Orbán sustained. “I don’t want to tell Europe what sort of social composition she should have, but then she must not tell Hungary how to approach the question,” the Hungarian Prime Minister continued.

Italy’s former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini was also present at the conference.

Orbán and Salvini have been some of the most disruptive leaders in European politics. BLP covered Salvini’s bold moves to clamp down on illegal immigration and break the mold by passing pro-gun reforms.

In 2019, the European Commission tried to drag the Hungarian government into the Court of Justice of the European Union over its “Stop Soros” law which curtails illegal immigration. This law, which alludes to globalist oligarch George Soros, was passed in 2018 and made it illegal to aid illegal aliens and asylum seekers to migrate to Hungary. Pro-mass migration activists who help illegal aliens could face legal penalties of up to a year in prison for violating this law.

Hungary under Orbán’s stewardship remains steadfast in its nationalistic policies of self-determination and resistance to mass migration.

It is no stretch to say that Orbán is the best leader in the West.

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