Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban Clarifies Greek Border Crisis: ‘Invasion’

In comments recently given to the worldwide media on the border war that is happening in Greece, Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban pulled back the propaganda of Turkey and those who support open borders, and made clear what is really happening:

But the truth is, the women and children are used for the purposes of the media. The bulk of those who want to cross here are military age men. They have the look, and even move like it. They have no doubt that they have a high level of confidence. So this is an invasion,” he told a group of reporters.

“This forbidden to say in Europe. But the truth is that this is a well organized invasion.  Our intelligence services continuously monitors the events. We know the phone numbers, we know how they are organizing them,” he continued.

Organizations called NGOs, in which reality are partly human-smuggling groups, are behind this.  They have lots of financing and astonishing logistical abilities.  Most of the conflicts are not with accidentally lost migrants, but with organized groups specifically targeting this border.

I do not want to align against you, the Slavonic public opinion,  but one can see by the picture painted by the international media is simply not true. The reality is that 95% of them are organized military aged men, in military style group movements and actions. Faced with a few women and children we would not be afraid and build such a fence.

But here on the Balkan route there one hundred thousand migrants, and of those more than ninety thousand of them are military aged men. The flowers and stuffed teddy bears are not helpful.”

In recent days Prime Minister Andrej Babis of the Czech Republic, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki of Poland, as well as government representatives from Estonia and Slovakia have joined with Prime Minister Victor Orban in pledging aide and border security support to their Greek allies.

As events continue to happen on the Greek border this story will be updated.

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