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Hungary Will Take Action Against Big Tech Shadowbanning of Christians, Conservatives, and Other Right-Wingers

Holding Big Tech accountable.



The government of Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary, has announced its commitment to take on Big Tech’s shadowbanning of Christians, conservatives, and other assorted right-wingers.

In a Facebook post shared Monday, Hungarian Minister of Justice Judit Varga said she believes that shadowbanning—the secret restriction of a social media user’s visibility—violates “fundamental democratic legal norms that form the basis of Western-type culture.”

Because of Big Tech’s “systematic abuses,” Varga said she convened a meeting of the Hungarian Digital Freedom Committee and will soon meet with the president of the Hungarian Competition Authority regarding “the possibility of sanctioning unfair commercial practices.”

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Varga also claimed she has personally experienced shadowbanning and then linked to the following tweets from James O’Keefe and the O’Keefe-run Project Veritas:


The Hungarian government, along with the Polish government, is considered one of the last in the Western world that’s committed to some form of social conservatism and resistance against neoliberal globalism. Big League Politics has thus closely followed Prime Minister Orban and Hungary over the past several months, reporting on Orban’s various confrontations with George Soros and news such as their proposed constitutional amendment to prevent gay couples from adopting children:

Hungary Seeking Constitutional Amendment to Prevent Gay Couples from Adopting and Protect Children from Transgenderism

God bless Hungary and God save the Hungarian people!

Free Speech

House Democrats Browbeat Cable Providers in Hopes of Deplatforming Fox News, OANN

Government censorship in all but name.



Two House Democrats are seeking to browbeat the primary cable providers in the United States, asking them to deplatform conservative news organizations such as Fox News and One America News Network in a tacit censorship gambit that arguably violates the First Amendment.

Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerney, both Democrats from California, addressed the series of letters to companies such as AT&T, Amazon, Charter, and Comcast, aggressively questioning if they planned to continue offering cable packages that include OANN, Fox and Newsmax in the future, citing censorious claims of “misinformation.”

This is a violation of the First Amendment in all but name. At least in Europe censorship mechanisms are determined by democratically elected governments. In the United States, left-wing oligarchs and their servants instead make threatening backroom demands for corporate political prosecution of their opponents, with loyal operatives inside Fortune 500 corporations eager to acquiesce.

Are you planning to continue carrying Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN on U-verse, DirecTV, and AT&T TV both now and beyond any contract renewal date? If so, why?” Reads the censorship demand to AT&T.

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This may represent an actual First Amendment violation, with previous legal precedent outlawing governmental attempts to chill or influence speech without actually outlawing it. Eshoo and McNerney would face ramifications from the House Ethics Committee if free expression were still recognized, but free speech is the last concern of the authoritarian liberal Democratic Party.

Unfortunately, it’s likely only a matter of time until the global corporations establish a strict “no tolerance” policy for any and all conservative and right-wing content. In the meantime, the Right must work to build new institutions, new businesses, and new services distinct from the tyranny of global liberalism.

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