HYPOCRISY: Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk Shuts Down Free Speech at Politicon Debate

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) founder Charlie Kirk, who bills himself as one of the most outspoken advocates for freedom of speech in the US, reportedly shut out dissent from a debate that he had with leftist Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk at Politicon 2019 last night.

In usual fashion, Kirk paid lip service to the notion of free speech during the debate, bemoaning “speech police” who are “telling people they can’t say certain things” such as “America is the greatest country in the history of the world.”


However, it does not appear that Kirk practices what he preaches. The TPUSA founder allegedly had security personnel ban paleoconservative video blogger Nick Fuentes from attending the event, with several goons blocking Fuentes from entering the venue.

The host of “America First” noted that he was a paying customer of Politcon and had the right to attend the event, but security refused to let him in anyway.

Law enforcement also accosted Fuentes when he went to approach Kirk to have a discussion with him and request a photograph. It seems that Kirk is willing to use the same bullying tactics as the Left when it comes to protecting himself and his organization from unauthorized dissent.

“I wasn’t going to ask him anything. I was just there to watch the event like everybody else. They said I’m going to disrupt. I haven’t been disruptive yet,” Fuentes said to reporter Jorge Ventura following the incident.

“They said that what I tweeted yesterday was indicative of the fact that I might disrupt, that I pose a risk,” Fuentes said of the discussion he had with security personnel.

Kirk is largely being blamed for the backlash against Fuentes at Politicon, as a revolt of young campus conservatives asking uncomfortable questions to Kirk is underway. Kirk has been grilled at events throughout the country where has repeatedly become flustered and offered less-than-adequate responses.





Fuentes has confirmed that the Q&A portion of the debate was removed because of his presence, as Kirk apparently no longer wants to have the robust discussion if he cannot frame its parameters.

Other right-wing commentators are piling on Kirk because of his apparent hypocrisy, as the situation becomes a public relations nightmare for TPUSA.





Another TPUSA speaker told an audience of students at Penn State University just last week that Big Tech censorship does not exist, despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary. Kirk’s organization is fraying at the seams, and the grassroots resistance against TPUSA is only strengthening because of this controversy.

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