ICE Arrests Fall by More Than 60% in February Amid Border Crisis, Administrative Abolition of Agency

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is making 60% less arrests than the agency did in the final months of Donald Trump’s presidency, with Joe Biden’s ‘America Last’ immigration policy serving to effectively administratively abolish ICE.

Under DHS guidelines implemented under Biden, the agency has been instructed to exclusively arrest the most hardened violent felons and thugs, with arrests of most convicted criminals done away with. Even under Trump, ICE had largely focused on arresting and deporting illegal aliens with felony and misdemeanor convictions.

ICE carried out 2,600 deportations in March, a decline from 5,583 in January. The decline in deportations comes even as an onslaught of illegal aliens infiltrate the US southern border, spurred by President Biden’s campaign promises of citizenship, welfare and residency for illegal aliens. Biden administration personnel have begun to quietly urge Mexico to work to deter caravan-style illegal migration from Central America as the crisis unfolds. ICE arrested an average of 6,800 illegals in October, November and December.

Guidelines provided to ICE field staff have instructed them to “focus on national security threats, recent border-crossers and criminals with aggravated felony convictions who pose a threat to public safety.” This composes a percentage of illegal aliens in the United States, effectively providing immunity to the lion’s share of aliens that violate US immigration law.

The sharp decline in arrests comes even after a judge in Texas ordered the agency to cease a 100-day halt to all deportations. Senior ICE officials have privately revealed that Biden’s America Last immigration policy has served to “administratively abolish” the agency, taking immigration enforcement out of the picture without alienating affluent suburban moderates by legally abolishing the agency. Even felons arrested in Texas for human smuggling offenses at the border are now being released into American communities, according to recent reporting from the Washington Post.

The Attorney Generals of Arizona and Montana are suing the Biden administration to compel ICE to enforce US immigration law, as they’re obligated to under US code.

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