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Idaho Planned Parenthood Sues to Let Non-Licensed People Perform Abortions



Planned Parenthood of Idaho has sued the state in attempt to allow non-medical doctors to perform abortions.

“The lawsuit filed December 14 by the abortion company and Seattle-based feminist group Legal Voice argues that an Idaho law requiring that a licensed physician perform abortions is unconstitutional” according to LifeSiteNews.

Legal Voice portrays itself as a women’s rights group in all aspects of life, focusing primarily the abortion issue. As if abortions weren’t dangerous enough, the group has taken it upon themselves to challenge the state law that required Medical Doctors to perform abortions.

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The group and Planned Parenthood are bringing forth legislation that would allow “medical professionals” such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurse midwives to provide abortions. Seven states plus D.C. already allow non-physicians to perform abortions, many of which also allow partial-birth abortions, according to Guttmacher.

According to LifeSiteNews, a plaintiff in the case, Mary Stark who previously lived in Idaho is currently a nurse practitioner in Oregon and expresses her disapproval with the lack of abortion availability in Idaho. Stark is dismayed with the idea that abortions are not readily available every day of the week in any of the five abortion factories across the state.

In referencing a ‘woman’ in need of an immediate abortion, Stark states:  “The woman would have to decide, ‘Can I rearrange my life around that one day or do I have to continue this pregnancy?’”  Being that Stark is a nurse practitioner in Oregon – where she can legally perform select abortions – that apparently gives her the credibility to petition the Idaho legislator to change its state laws.

Interestingly, the pro-abortion side advocates that abortion is a “medical procedure”, yet are now pushing that it be performed by those under-qualified to do so. The lack of safety precautions on abortions being pushed by Planned Parenthood illuminates their overall goal: money making.

Allowing ineligible personnel to perform abortions is a sure fire way to lead to the creation of Gosnell clinics across the map. And let’s not forget the lack of reporting regulations nationally required on botched abortions. The compilation of these medical safety red flags in the abortion procedure that the pro-death side is trying to administer is concerning for the health of women.


YouTube Recognizes “Unthanksgiving,” “Indigenous Resistance” As Alternative to Thanksgiving

This is even a holiday?



Big Tech platform YouTube decided to honor the obscure left-wing holiday of “Unthanksgiving” on Thanksgiving Day, informing its followers on Twitter of the protest holiday.

The censorious Big Tech platform was thoroughly “ratioed” in response to the bizarre tweet thread, with users calling into question YouTube’s endorsement of a left-wing, slanted and anti-white interpretation of the history of the Americas.

A subsequent YouTube tweet went on to link to a left-wing academic project which likened the modern-day territory of the continental United States to various American Indian tribal groups. Many Americans of diverse backgrounds maintain the legacy of Native Americans to this day- especially in rural America. The geographic location of Native American tribal groups in the United States is not analogous to sovereign territories of nation-states, as the project seemed to suggest.

The holiday of Thanksgiving recognizes cooperation between New England Puritans and the American Indians living in the area. One would think this is something that liberals could get behind, but the Left has increasingly targeted the holiday for cultural destruction.

It’s not up to corporate oligarchs and San Francisco tech executives to declare time-honored American traditions as “racist.” Perhaps if they’re so concerned about the welfare of American Indians and tribal issues(a valid topic of discussion), they should give up their own land, property and massive wealth, as opposed to smugly lecturing the general public.

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