IDIOTS: Florida College Students Test Positive for Chinese Coronavirus After Partying at Spring Break

Five students from the University of Tampa (UT) have tested positive for the Chinese COVID-19 coronavirus, the university has announced.

These students were traveling alongside other UT students to party for spring break shortly before they were diagnosed with coronavirus.

“We sincerely wish our students, and any others who may be affected, a full and rapid recovery,” UT wrote in a Twitter post on Saturday night.

Throughout spring break, images of college kids on the beach partying and ignoring the coronavirus epidemic enraged the public.

WFLA News posted images of a packed Clearwater beach just last week:

A shocking video from South Florida was produced by the CBS Evening News, showing interviews with young people dedicated to partying as scheduled throughout the pandemic.

Experts are concerned that the young people who traveled and engaged in spring break partying may become super-spreaders after returning home.

“What is happening in Florida with spring break partying-on by students oblivious to the epidemiological implications of their actions is nothing short of tragic,” wrote Gregg Gonsalves, a professor of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, in an email to Politico.

“While many of us have been hunkering down to try to break the chains of infection in our communities, these young people have decided the pleasures of the moment are worth bringing back the coronavirus to their friends and family,” he added.

“Younger people have more social interactions. There’s more transmission among them. Most people are infectious before they are symptomatic,” said Hansel Tookes, a public-health physician at University of Miami’s medical school.

“The students who are going and partying at spring break potentially are feeding into a world where they are stuck in their houses for weeks on end later on,” said Justin Lessler, a professor of epidemiology for Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health. “So I think they should keep that in mind.”

“There’s the strong possibility that we could start to see cases popping up after the incubation period. And if it’s not the spring breakers, their parents and grandparents are at high risk as well,” said Florida oncologist Nitesh Paryani.

“Everybody is treating coronavirus, whether we want to or not. All physicians are being pulled into this fight. It’s an all hands on deck situation,” he added.

If hysteria surrounding the coronavirus turns out to be warranted, these college students may go down as some of the most dangerous fools in American history.

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