“I’ll Come to Your House:” BLM Mob Threatens Journalist Covering Protest Event at Seattle Jail

A mob of protestors affiliated with a Black Lives Matter harassed and threatened a journalist with Seattle’s KIRO on Wednesday, telling KIRO’s Jon Jussero that they planned on going to his house. The mob covered up his car windows with sheets and clothes, creating a potential public safety hazard as they staged a raucous protest outside of the King County Jail.

B****! Don’t make me break this window. Keep filming, and I will.

Black Lives Matter rioters have increasingly sought to bully those who film and document their operations, primarily as a means to conceal their own illegal, violent and criminal activity. Video of BLM events in Portland and Seattle has resulted in criminal charges against instigators and ANTIFA-affiliated militants, and leftist activists have sought to shut down those that document them such as Andy Ngo and Kalen D’Almeida.

Another journalist from a Seattle network, Eric Jensen, confirmed that similar patterns of harassment and assault were occurring from leftist organizers to his camera crew.

King County is moving ahead with a plan to close the county jail, tacitly admitting that the Seattle county will essentially end pre-trial confinement for all but the most hardened criminals arrested in the area. The development comes as crime rates in the Washington city skyrocket, increasing in some areas by massive rates of up to 525%.

The leftist riots in Seattle may even have been more violent and destructive than those in Portland, with masked ANTIFA militants destroying small businesses, attacking residential structures, and brawling with police officers.

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