Illinois Education Standards Call for 8-Year-Old Children to be Taught about Masturbation and Transgenderism

New education standards in the state of Illinois call for children as young as 8 years of age to be taught how to masturbate and to learn about drugs that can be used to induce their so-called gender transition.

The standards were developed as a result of Senate Bill 818, which was signed into law by Illinois Democrat Gov. JB Pritzker last year. He claimed it was a reform that would modernize the state’s “sex education standards will help keep our children safe and ensure important lessons like consent and internet safety are taught in classrooms.”

The measure would do this, according to Pritzker, by bringing Illinois’ “sexual health education into the 21st century by adding new personal health and safety education standards in kindergarten through 5th grade, and making comprehensive health education more inclusive in grades 6 through 12.”

The result is these new standards, which are being exposed by the popular Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account. The standards claim that children in the third grade should be able to “outline and explain the differences between gender, transgender, gender non binary, gender and gender identity” and to “explain that gender aggression and gender identity exist along a spectrum,” according to a summary released by IPS.

There is also a vulgar representation of a “gingerbread person” in the standards that is filled with reprehensible propaganda meant to groom children into the satanic LGBT agenda.

Some of the new educational standards can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how the Pritzker family uses their wealth to fuel transgender insanity across the country:

While the transgender movement has risen in recent years seemingly out of nowhere as children are now routinely drugged in preparation to have their genitals mutilated, one powerful family of vulture capitalists has been toiling in the shadows financing its rise for many years.

The Tawani Foundation was founded by Jennifer Pritzker, a transgender billionaire who “changed” his birth gender from male to female. She has papered over academia in order to get transgender dogma legitimized in order to indoctrinate young children into this dangerous, degenerate lifestyle.

Tawani raised $5 million for the University of Minnesota in 2017 for “sexual health research.” The gift was used in part to create a National Center for Gender Spectrum Health that would serve as a propaganda mill to facilitate the transgender plague.

“The field of sexual health is very broad. It affects everyone and is tied to various other facets of health and well-being,” said Pritzker. “We need to invest in research to advance our understanding so that all patients can have an enhanced quality of life.”

The school of medicine at the University of Chicago is named after Pritzker due to the immense financial influence that the family has on the school. She also donated $2 million to a Canadian university to finance a Chair of Transgender Studies.

“Far too many trans and gender-nonconforming people still live in poverty and fear,” said Aaron Devor, who was named the first Chair of Transgender Studies at the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

“As the inaugural chair, I will act as a resource locally and internationally for those needing information for their own research or for policy development, as well as building linkages between community-based and academic scholars working in transgender studies,” he added.

The Pritzker family also donated a stunning $25 million to the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) in order to essentially control the university’s child health department. Not too long after the donation was made, the university pioneered the cause of drugging gender-confused kids, encouraging children as young as five years old to begin their transition.”

The LGBT agenda is a moral and cultural plague. If Americans do not rise up and put an end to this predatory movement of child abusers, the country deserves to perish.

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