J.D. Vance Speaks Out Against Importation of Afghan Refugees and Chain Migration

Ohio Senate candidate and author J.D. Vance has spoken out against the importation of tens of thousands of Afghan refugees in the wake of the United States’ disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

Vance recently appeared on Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino’s Newsmax TV program to discuss the issue.

“I really think people are radically underappreciating what this means,” he said. “60,000 Afghan refugees completely unvetted, you’re going to get a lot of bad people in that group.”

Vance added that the United States’ permitting of chain migration could significantly boost that figure.

“Those 60,000 people could eventually lead to four or five per refugee. So 60,000 could become 400,000 really quickly. And our country’s just not prepared for this.”

Vance then raises the classic America First question—“Does this serve the interests of the American people?”—and answers in the negative.

“Yes, help people, but you can help people by putting them in our overseas bases or with overseas allies. They don’t need to come here.”


Big League Politics has previously reported on J.D. Vance and his Senate run. Although there are some question marks—namely his 2016 vote for presidential candidate Evan McMullin and a January 2017 New York Times op-ed titled “Barack Obama and Me”—it cannot be denied that Vance is pumping America First rhetoric back into the political sphere, which is a net positive in this day and age.

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