James O’Keefe Launches New Media Group Following Ouster From Project Veritas

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has launched a new media group after being ousted by his own organization by the board of directors shortly after exposing Pfizer for gain-of-function mad science.

His new venture is called the O’Keefe Media Group and will pick up where he left off after being pushed out of Project Veritas in a shameful miscarriage of justice.

The O’Keefe Media Group is “empowering and equipping a movement of thousands of people like you to report things that are wrong, with the support of an in-house team of elite journalists to bring factual, unbiased stories to light,” according to their official website.

“Welcome to the O’Keefe Media Group, we can never be shut down again, because not only do I own it, but you do too,” O’Keefe said.

“O’Keefe Media Group is building an army of investigators and exposers along with the most elite journalists in the world. In the coming months you will see this army expanding across the country, every statehouse, every city council, every school board and everywhere people are conspiring to keep themselves in power, practice favoritism, or line their pockets with tax dollars,” he continued.

“Are you passionate about the O’Keefe Media Group’s effort to bring truth through journalism to the American public? Become a Founding Member to not only promote our vision but to sponsor the work of our hard-working journalists,” O’Keefe added.

Big League Politics has reported on how Project Veritas was pilloried for removing O’Keefe for the flimsiest of reasons:

After ousting Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, the organization’s Twitter account has amassed a whooping 20% drop in followers.

From Newsweek:

The Twitter account of Project Veritas has lost more than 200,000 followers in the past day, coinciding with the rancorous departure of the right-wing organization’s founder and CEO.

As of 3:20 a.m. ET, the account had lost more than 214,000 followers — nearly 192,000 on February 20 alone — according to figures from Social Blade, an analytics firm. A real-time counter showed that, at the same time, the number of followers was still falling.

… All this comes after Project Veritas under its new leadership assured the public that losing O’Keefe would not serve as a hindrance for the company’s influence.However, while Project Veritas continues its downward spiral of lost Twitter followers, O’Keefe’s personal account keeps growing.

The backlash will likely only make O’Keefe stronger. He is an inspiration to conservatives in America and worldwide to stand strong and never surrender.

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