Jeff Bezos Pulls A Mark Herring, Seemingly Admits Genital Pictures Exist

Bezos Admits Nudes Exist

In a puzzling article on Medium, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos seemingly admitted the existence of potentially destructive lewd photos of him taken with his mistress.

Echoing the confusing strategy of Democrat Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, who threw a wrench into his own political career after admitting to wearing blackface in a 1980 college party, Bezos seemingly admitted to the existence of several lewd photos of himself, several taken in the presence of his mistress, Lauren Sanchez, in a lengthy article on Medium.

Rumors of the photos, which include a nude photo of Bezos and photographs of his penis, have swirled for some time now, and the National Enquirer finally told Bezos it planned to release the photos.

Bezos wrote:

Something unusual happened to me yesterday. Actually, for me it wasn’t just unusual — it was a first. I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse. Or at least that’s what the top people at the National Enquirer thought. I’m glad they thought that, because it emboldened them to put it all in writing. Rather than capitulate to extortion and blackmail, I’ve decided to publish exactly what they sent me, despite the personal cost and embarrassment they threaten.

The Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner explained that the Enquirer, which already published some images of Bezos last month, offered to cease further publication if Bezos stopped investigating their journalistic methods.

From his Medium article:

A few days after hearing about Mr. Pecker’s apoplexy, we were approached, verbally at first, with an offer. They said they had more of my text messages and photos that they would publish if we didn’t stop our investigation.

My lawyers argued that AMI has no right to publish photos since any person holds the copyright to their own photos, and since the photos in themselves don’t add anything newsworthy.

AMI’s claim of newsworthiness is that the photos are necessary to show Amazon shareholders that my business judgment is terrible.

In his Medium article, Bezos also published the email sent to him by the Enquirer, which offered a summary of the lewd photographs it has in its possession.

According to the email, photographs exist of Bezos taking selfies during business meetings, “simulated oral sex” scenes, his “semi-erect manhood” protruding from his clothes, “a naked selfie in a bathroom – while wearing his wedding ring,” and several of Sanchez.

Bezos also made the case for his partial ownership of The Washington Post, which recently spent millions on a puzzling ad during Superbowl LIII.

“Even though The Post is a complexifier for me, I do not at all regret my investment. The Post is a critical institution with a critical mission,” Bezos wrote, “My stewardship of The Post and my support of its mission, which will remain unswerving, is something I will be most proud of when I’m 90 and reviewing my life.”

Big League Politics reported on the massive use of advertising funds during the Superbowl:

It almost goes without saying that the Jeff Bezos-owned blog’s expensive ad will consist of celebrating establishment-friendly liberal and centrist reporters in an era where they’re increasingly viewed with skepticism and even disdain by the broader American public.

Don’t expect the Post’s ad’s to recognize the work of alternative media in informing the people, even as Americans gravitate away from corporate-controlled media outlets like the Post to seek objective and credible information from other sources.

It appears Bezos is making a large gambit by attempting to persuade shareholders that he is a capable businessman by seemingly admitting to sending lewd photographs including nude selfies, and further, admitting that his partial ownership of The Washington Post serves as a “complexifier” for the beleaguered businessman.

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