Jeff Flake In Talks for Position at CBS

Former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is said to be negotiating with CBS for a role with the mainstream news outlet as a contributor or host, according to reports. The former Senator was seen at the network’s New York offices last week.

A position at CBS could create an opening for Flake to evolve into the network’s equivalent of MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough- a former Republican-turned-reactionary existing for nothing more in the media world than denouncing Trump, largely lacking of any policy substance or independent thought.

Flake was driven out of office as Arizona’s U.S Senator after spending all of his political capital on empty personal disputes with President Trump and conservatives. In the final months of his Senate career, Flake instead sought to genuflect to progressives, having lost a Republican constituency, but ended up alienating the liberals he aimed to appeal to when he refused to vote to derail Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation. It’s likely that a Flake hiring at CBS would be met with a considerable backlash from Democrats and liberals, despite his efforts to appeal to a left-leaning constituency.

However, a role at CBS could provide Flake with an avenue to fully divorce himself from conservative ideals at large, becoming nothing more than a pure ‘token Republican’ in the mold of Joe Scarborough. It likely wouldn’t be good enough to fool anyone but the most easily manipulated mainstream media sycophants, who remain fully aware that he never truly represented a conservative perspective throughout his time in Congress, despite his assertions to the contrary. Flake frequently maintained that he was the true standard bearer of conservative principles, despite voting to confirm Loretta Lynch and voting for a massive amnesty package in 2013.

CBS can have him, honestly. It’d be entertaining to see him show his true colors as a dollar store progressive equivalent of Joe Scarborough — with equally lousy ratings.

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